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    Early Termination Fee Calculation?


      Is there a way to know how much the ETF would be? I'm wanting to get my own line, separate from my mothers account. However, she's behind on her bill, so I can do a transfer of liability. I'd also like a new phone as well, since I'm extremely dissatisfied with my current phone. Plus, I have a job where I can get the 20% discount, so I'd like to take advantage of that as well.


      Basically, my contract was started in October, 2011, and I want to know if I should just ride out the contract, or go ahead and cancel my line and open my own account.

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          You can do an AOL without paying an ETF. You won't get a new phone your contract will stay the same. If you started a contract in Oct 2011 you will eligible for a discount upgrade in June 2013.


          If you really want to cancel your line then you wouldn't do an AOL you'd just have to sign up as a new customer after you cancelled the line since your name isn't on her bill. If you have a smartphone the ETF is $350 minus $10 a month for every month you have already finished on the contract. So that would be roughly $230. If you have a basic phone it would be $175 -$5 per month. Or about $105. If you went this route I'm not sure you could keep your same number.

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            Ok, thanks. From what you said, it would be best to just help her get her bill down and wait till June for the upgrade. Not really worth spending over $200 just to cancel my phone.