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    Galaxy Note II Communication and/or Connection Problems


      I just bought the Galaxy Note II. My previous phone is a Galaxy S3. I notice that my Galaxy Note II seems to hang up when I'm doing Speed Test to where it does nothing and gives a "Network Communication Error". I try other apps such as Facebook and I get "No connection". I take the SIM card out and put it in my Galaxy S3 and have the phones side by side and I have no problems what so ever! This tells me that there is nothing wrong with the network or the area I am in it has to be the Galaxy Note II. I took the Note II back and got a replacement and it is doing the same thing. The Galaxy S3 is still working fine. So as of right now the Galaxy Note II is pretty much useless to me and I'm very disappointed I'm unable to use this phone. There must be a design flaw but it works fine in the store. Speed Test worked every single time. But it makes no sense I have the S3 and Note II side by side at my work and the Note II doesn't work at all but the S3 works fine. Both Samsung, both Verizon. I've pulled the battery out while the Note II is on (resets 4G chip). It works for one Speed Test then craps out. I've done *228 and that helped for about 20 minutes and still web pages and apps work shotty at best. I've pulled the SIM card in and out, etc...I've even reset the phone back to factory and still the same thing. Has anyone experienced this problem? Can anyone provide a solution? I'd to hate to return this phone because I really love it but with super bad connection issues it hardly worth the money I paid for it not working. Any help would be great...Thanks!

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          Please don't dial *228 on a 4G LTE smartphone or device. It isn't needed since that is all controlled through the SIM card.

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            It really didn't do any good anyways. I'm just trying to get this thing to work as good as my S3....side by side and night and day different between the two. I know it's SIM card driven. Just running out of options other than to return it. I have 30 days so I'm hoping to find a fix by then.

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              Yes I too seems have a problem when my galaxy note2  when it's  connected to a wi-fi .......apps that requires web access cant connect and times out! I re-powered the phone and noticed it works only when I used the 4G network!  What gives?  Does Verizon made the phone usable only when you use their network and not on Wi-fi mode?  Im trying to save my Data plan which was limited since my phone upgrade so when Wi-fi are availble I want to use that option!  ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi magneticfusion,

                I know how important it is to have a working phone. I too have recently purchased the Note II and I really do love it. I want to make sure we get this issue resolved so that you are able to enjoy your device as much as I do. When swapping the sim card between the two devices, you want to make sure that your old device is powered off. If you have your old device powered on, it could be interfering with the signal on your new device. Keep us updated on the issue.


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                  I have this exact same problem. It's weird because I thought I remember it working initially and I didn't alter any wifi settings. Did you ever find a resolution? I thought it may be my specific phone but now maybe not. Thanks.

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                    i haven't had this problem. so far, all apps have worked fine over wifi and LTE (and i use facebook and words with friends often throughout the day).

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                      Hi. I am replying to this post because I believe I am experiencing a similar problem. The wifi on the phone (home network) was fine until yesterday. Now I just get a "webpage not available" message for all sites over wifi. I will note that A: the network is not the problem as all of my other devices are getting the internet just fine and B: the phone has a strong signal and a correct password and shows that it is connected to the network, but doesn't get any internet. As you can imagine this is very annoying as I prefer to use the phone over wifi whenever possible. I love the phone and a really don't want this to be a dealbreaker- please help!



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                        I was able to get mine working by going to my Router settings and enabling Wireless MAC addresses filter. If your router model has this option I would suggest to try it . Also it increases your wireless network by only allowing specific wireless device(s) access your home network. Hope this will help you!

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                          Hi Verizon! So I still have my Note 2. I have since passed my Galaxy S3 to my girl in Ukraine. So I'm left the note 2...still...same problem. Here's the thing. It only happens at work. But like I said before...the Galaxy S3 worked fine and my work uses Verizon repeaters. Everyone else with a Verizon 4G phone does not have this problem. They actaully site great reception because of the repeaters. I saw on Drippler that an update is supposed to come out to strengthen the antenna. So I must not be the only person with this problem. One second it works fine, in the same spot the next second I dont get a network connection. Since I use my hotspot for EVERYTHING here at work I'm unable to use my phones internet. Talk about fustration! I've tried everything to get this to work and nothing...I get outside of work and its fine...works perfect. I just dont understand why it works great one second and next nothing. I was trying to give it some time thinking it would fix itself but nothing. When does this new update roll out? And off the subject...when are you going to fix the multitasking feature?

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