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    How to Activate a used iPhone


      I had purchased an used verizon iphone so my wife and I would have the same carrier and phones. Well, when I purchased her phone, I had the shared plan. We arrived at home and I attempted to activate my phone using the "add a new line" feature. Seeing as you cannot remove the casing on the iphone, I cannot find the numerical code. It still has the previous owner's Verizon SIM as I heard Verizon will not sell only the SIM, and I have no idea how to register and activate the phone. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it. I prefer not to have to unlock it and use another carrier as we have a shared plan.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I know you're excited to get that phone activated for your wife and I'm to help.


          You can pull the device ID by following the steps here http://bit.ly/Rhw0ih. Once you have that info you can add the new line using this equipment.

          If you still need help getting that phone activated please follow me and send me a direct message with your name, mobile number, and brief summary of your concern so I can further assist you.

          John B

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