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    Note II not supported by Kies


      I just purchased a Note II.  I would like to restore my Kies backup to my new Note II to get my contacts, pictures, etc.  However Kies will not connect to the Note II.  It just says Device not supported on Kies 2.0.  I am trying to connect on a MacBook Pro.


      I just updated Kies to the latest version, just yesterday.  And Kies is saying that there are no further updates available.  The message on the Note II says to install Android File Transfer, which I did ... but that application also does not recognize the Note II.  I tried installing the latest drivers using the Kies => Install driver command, however I did get the same message. (Note: I can connect via the Kies Air web interface, however the web application does not provide the ability to restore a backup.)


      Please advise on what I need to install in order to be able to connect to Kies on my MacBook.



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          I am in the same boat. How can this not be supported? Are you kidding me? Can someone help here please?

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            I found elsewhere that Kies did not work on 64bit W7 but did on 32bit.  Well, it did not work on two of my 64bit machines, and now it does not work on my 32bit laptop. 

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              Hi All, perhaps I can shed some light on this. I have made numerous calls and even contacted Samsung about this issue that I too have been having and it is driving me crazy.


              So apparently Kies fully supports all Note II from all carriers except those from Verizon at this time. So only we are the ******* ones. They do not know when or if this will be resolved. I'm sure it will be resolved at some point but right now this is frustrating.


              I don't know which side is to blame...is Verizon holding it up or is Samsung lagging?


              Either way, I guess we can all take comfort in knowing, we are not doing anything wrong and we just have to wait until there is an update for Kies. So put the pressure on Verizon and Samsung to get a patch out ASAP.

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                Still no support for Kies on the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.  Yet the Verizon Owner's Manual suggests we download it and use it.


                I'm pretty freaking upset to have wasted so much time on this.

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                  I've read that it's only Verizon Note II's that are having the issue. Anyone know if this is true? Really sucks to have one of the best phones out there and not be able to use all the features it's capable of.

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                    dagreat8 wrote:


                    So apparently Kies fully supports all Note II from all carriers except those from Verizon at this time.

                    It's vzw's fault.

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                      The ball is certainly in Verizon's court to make available an application that is featured in its owners manual for the device.

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                        I am an electrical engineer with a MSEE degree. I have spent well over 100 hours trying to learn why Kies will not connect to our brand new Samsung Note II. We have two Samsung Note II, one is Verizon and the other is T-Mobile. Here is what I have found:


                        1) As stated on wikipedia.org, "As of 2 September 2012, Samsung Android ADB driver version 2.9.503.726 is broken (blue screen), and once installed fails to recognise Samsung devices ('Manufacturer Hardware ID missing')"


                        2) On Samsung's web site, it states that "Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz or greater (Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz recommended)"


                        I was able to get the phone to connect on a laptop computer that has an intel processor, but cannot get it to connect to our brand new HP desktop that has an AMD processor (2+ GHz and 4GB memory). We get the error "Manufacturer Hardware ID missing". I have tried everything possible, including talking to Level 1 and Level 2 Samsung technical support on the phone and no results.



                        As stated from another engineer:


                        Kies is the poorly written application that in theory mirrors Apple iTunes. It lets you plug your phone into the computer for things like doing a sync, software update, and so on. The problem is that it is so poorly written, many people install it, and yet, it can't communicate properly with the phone for many people.


                        A big part of the problem is the phone drivers are in really rough shape, and don't interact well with the USB drivers from NVIDIA and other chipset makers, so you get things like "missing hardware ID" reported by Windows itself when you connect your phone. Kies itself MUST run as an administrator, and there is no warning when you install it, so people don't understand why it doesn't work for them.


                        So Kies...if you have an AMD based machine with AMD chipset(600 series and newer), then it SEEMS to work decently with an administrator account. NVIDIA chipsets may require you "diagnose connection problems" to force the drivers to reinstall when you connect your phone, but if you unplug and then plug it back in, you need to diagnose connection problems again for the driver re-installation. I have not tested this with an Intel chipset myself. In general, it is a mess, and MOSTLY caused by bad drivers.


                        When Kies works, it does an OK job, but still not great. It was enough to let me install my JB update, which is really the only use I have for it. To be fair, Samsung HAS been releasing updates for Kies which have helped a bit, but the driver issues, again complicated by the poor USB drivers for many computers are the source of just about all of the problems people have. Running as an administrator isn't a horrible requirement.

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                          Truthfully, I find it easier and faster to just use the USB cable and drag and drop than to use either Kies or the Samsung Allshare play. In fact, I think Allshare play is a farce. You have to jump thru hoops to get anything done.

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