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    HTC Rezound stuck on white HTC screen


      As the title says, the phone is stuck on the white HTC screen. It wont turn on past that point. I've tried pulling the battery out and leaving it out for about 30 minutes then restarting it. Also tried taking the sim card out and restarting, and taking both the sim & memory card out and restarting...none of those worked.


      I tried hooking it up to the computer as well, but it wouldn't recognize it.


      Any idea how to fix this? Anyone else having this problem?

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          How long have you waited for it to boot up? Sometimes it can take a while.

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            30 minutes before it overheated and shut off

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              I am having the same issue. I have had the phone for @4 days and am seriously thinking of taking it back. I upgraded from a Razor and so far i am VERY disappointed in this phone. Of the 4 days that i have had the phone it has frozen every day and i've had to remove the battery in order to get it to work again, its overheated twice while using navigation with no other apps running and then it also just seems to randomly shut down when not in use and no, i do not mean sleep i mean shuts down. 

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                Did you upgrade the IOS to ICS? I purchased my phone in January and I had no issues with it until the IOS updated around August. Once that happened the phone started getting stuck in a reboot loop for no apparent reason (mid-use it would restart itself), figured out how to fix that, then it started overheating randomly (no apps open & when a bunch of apps were open) and then it would just shut itself off. Finally this happened.


                I brought it into the store and they really weren't any help. They did a search to see if there was a fix for it but didn't actually TRY to fix the problem, just told me they'd send me a "new" phone on Monday.