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    Iphone 5: Incoming Calls won't go through.


      Hello everyone,



      I purchased the Iphone 5 about 1-2 weeks ago and so far i love it. However as of recently i've been expeirencing a few issues where incoming calls won't go through.


      I'll try my best to break it down:

      • Someone calls me.
      • Phone "rings" on their side.
      • My iPhone doesn't ring.
      • I get no notification of a missed call, and maybe a few minutes later i'll be alerted to a missed call or a voicemail.

      I've tested various things that i assume would cause the issue, but so far none of them seem to be the case. I even went to Verizon (a few minutes ago actually) and they did a soft-reset (pretty much what i did prior) and soon as i got home i called the phone and nothing went through. I waited about a minute, called again, and then i rang. However seconds later i tried calling again, and it didn't ring. Also it happens are random times. First insident was a few nights ago around 10 PM. Then again a few days ago around 3 PM and finally this morning around 8-8:30 AM.

      • No my "Do not disturb" isn't on.
      • I have good (if not great) connection.
      • At home the phone is always on WiFi
      • Yes i've tried turning off LTE.
      • Yes i've done a network reset.
      • Yes, phone is up to date.


      One question i have is could it be only having this issue at my house? I have no way of testing if it only happens at my home (cause no one really has that kind of time to waste with me lol) so i'm not sure.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I want to ensure those important calls get through Huxable! I understand why you are concerned!

          My first recommendation would be to make sure you are power cycling the device(turning off and on) at least once a day. This allows the device to refresh with the network and update the tower information on 4G handsets.

          Second, it will definitely be valuable to test the device in different locations to determine whether it is a location issue versus an equipment issue. If this happens in multiple locations for example, it is likely device related.

          If you find the issues occur mainly inside your home, the network extender accessory is an excellent option to boost indoor signal strength.



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            I've tested it in other locations but it still persists with the same issue. I've also done many re-boots which led nowhere.


            Is this possibly a defective device?

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              Just throwing my hat into the ring - I'm having exactly the same problem.  My mother alerted me to it when she kept calling and it wasn't ringing, but I would get notifications of voicemail.  It happens all around Atlanta and in my home (where I consistently have 3 bars).  My husband (who is on Verizon) stood next to my phone and called it - his phone rang, but mine didn't.  After 4 rings on his phone he got my voicemail.  Please let me know if you figure out the problem.

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                I have the same problem. I've been working withVZW tech support for 6 weeks and no solution. I've replaced SIM cards and phones. Problem happens randomly in all locations and signal strengths. I've tried all different settings  (LTE on/off, wifi on/off, different ring tones, everything.). My last iPhone switch I set up as new phone and didn't use my back-up. I still have the problem.  Happens intermittently and when it does phone goes directly to voicemail after one ring. HELP. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!

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                  My wife is having exactly the same problem. If I call her it'll ring twice on my end (never on her end) and then go straight to voice mail. If I hang up and call again, then it'll go through. No idea why. Plenty of cell signal.

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                    I should also add, that my wife got an iphone 5 at exactly the same time as i did and she has never had the problem.  Someone will call me and not get through (call goes to voicemail) and they will immediately call her phone and it will ring and she is standing right next to me. 


                    I've also tried with cover off, cover on no difference.  I originally thought it was the iPhone 5, but after reading through the on-line community this problem seems to be happening with a number of phones (e.g., Samsung Galaxy III).  So now i think it must be something in the VZW network.  When i've talked to VZW tech support, they have called me and actually experienced the problem first hand when their calls back went to voice mail.  They indicated everything appears normal on their view of my phone on the network, but something must be amiss somewhere.  

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Huxable, after all the trouble-shooting your new phone should not be having issues. Let's also try resetting the network settings. Here are the steps http://tiny.cc/myubpw .The phone may be defective and we may need to replace it. If the phone has no damage, we can replace it with the same model as long as its under the one year manufactures warranty. This can be discussed at a corporate store or by phone with customer service.


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                        My Iphone 5 is having the same problem:


                        I can use every function of the phone (including calling other phones) however I am unable to receive calls because the call goes straight to voicemail for the various people who call me.


                        I am wondering if this problem may have to do with the fact that I switched from AT&T to Verizon once I purchased this Iphone 5.

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                          Ok I went through the process and it turns out that this can occur when one switches from AT&T to Verizon and vice versa. They (being Verizon) simply had to confirm the switch (or something like that) and then voila, I received a text "welcome to Verizon you can now make calls on America's...etc"


                          I can now receive calls.


                          In case any of you have switched recently this maybe be your problem. Hope this helps.

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