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    Windows 8 Tablet


      When is Verizon going to come out with a Windows 8 tablet like the Samsung ATIV Smart PC? I'm not interested in Android or iPad

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          No answers here, but a suggestion.  I doubt you're going to get any real deals from them on a tablet, as a tablet would only add $10 to the cost of your shared plan if I remember right (I didn't go to the site to check just now, I'm going from memory, and could be wrong), so they're not going to recoup a whole lot...  I could be wrong, but that's just my thought on the subject.  I'd watch for a deal on amazon or at Fry's or Tiger Direct - someplace like those.  Use the tethering in your phone instead of adding the cost and battery drain of a LTE radio to your tablet, and the cost of adding it to your plan.


          Just a thought. 

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            I think that is the best I can do, tether or creat a hot spot from the cell phone. It looks like AT&T has 4G locked up on Windows 8 for the time being. The Samsung Pro ATIV Smart PC is currently back order everywhere so it is wait and see.





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              There is also another option if you must be connected to your wireless. Purchase a USB modem for your tablet. VZN has 4 listed on the site, all 4G. It is $10 per month for access. If you decide to go this route, make sure the tablet you purchase has a USB port.


              I have ordered a Win8 tablet, and just plan to use my Trophy as a hot spot. Unless I decide I need to connect faster (the Trophy is 3G).

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                Until Verizon and Microsoft strike a deal, you get a cheap Android Tablet on Ebay,

                and wifi off the Android Tablet with your Windows 8 tablet until then.

                That is what I do,  It still looks like for the next decade, we will not be able to dump our Windows

                computers. LOL. The new Samsung Windows Tablet looks pretty good today at Office Depot.

                I have the Samsung Android 7" i800 which works pretty well too.

                Next suggestion is to get SplashTop app for your android tablet and devices.

                I am using this which basically turns your Android Tablet into a Windows computer.

                This is sweet. I love it.  You can run any microsoft right there on your android phone and tablet.

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                  Why not just use a Surface RT?  I've been using it tethered to my Thunderbolt and it works wonderfully for everything I need it to do (Hulu, Netflx, website surfing, games, work, etc).



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                    Not sure when or if Verizon will ever offer a W8 device, but
                    don't wait for them. You can find several tablets with GOBI that will allow you
                    to setup broadband with Verizon. The Fujitsu Q550 for example.