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    How much is the Galaxy Note II rebate?


      I've been wanting a large form factor phone for several years.  Last year Samsung marketed the Galaxy Note.  It was the device I had always wanted.  It never became available on Verizon and I need Verizon because no one else has coverage in some of the places I travel and visit.  I was very excited when the Galaxy Note II was announced on Verizon.  I pre-ordered the first morning it was available.  It was promised you would get it by "11-27".  I patiently waited.  I checked the pre-order site many times to see if anything had changed, it never changed.  11-27 came and went, no phone delivered.  My account was charged Monday.  Why would Verizon take action the day before it promised delivery?  I don't care when they are available in stores, I was promised 11-27.


      I am curious about the amount of money I will get back due to Verizon's incompetence in this matter.  I mean, it took them a month longer than everyone else to get them out already.  We've been patiently waiting.  Now we get one more poke in the ribs.


      Some possibilities:

      1. I get the phone for free.

      2. I get a significant discount since I've been on Verizon for 10 years and purchased several phones through them.

      3. I get some worthless store credit enticing me to give Verizon more money.

      4. I get the run-around about "Online web sites are not guarantees.  We could lie about anything online and we are not liable for it.  However, when you click things in our store you are liable and must comply with what was printed there."

      5. I get completely ignored when I contact customer service.

      6. I am told to go take a flying leap off a cliff.  Take it or leave it.

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