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    MiFi connection to xbox


      Is there anyway to use the mifi directly connected to my xbox 360 usb - tried but found no way to access the device in any of the menus - Help please.


      Also, I've never been able to access windows messenger or download content from xbox live through any verizon broadband 

      device - Thanks.

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          I don't think you could use the direct USB connection because the Xbox wouldn't have the needed drivers for it to recognize your USB device.

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            1.  Connect your MIFI to your PC using your USB cable.

            2. Open your Web Browser

            3. In the Address bar Type; the Welcome page will appear.

            4.  In the “Login” field top right hand corner type in “admin” then click login.

            5.  On the HOME page select “OPEN” under the WLAN Profile. 

            6.  Then click the advanced tab and select settings. Then check all the boxes; click apply.


            7.  The under the advanced tab click port forwarding check the “HTTP (Web) Server” box. Then put in a IP address such as: 

            8.  Now under the “security” tab change your password and then click apply.

            9. Then click apply again.  Log out of the Welcome page and unplug your MIFI from your PC and plug it into the wall outlet. Then try to connect you xBox 360 to the MIFI.  Your xBox will not connect if the MIFI is still plugged in to your PC.  I am able to connect my xBox, Wii and Blackberry to the MIFI.





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              Did this work?  I have the same question but I was going to do it with a wireless connection from the XBox to the MiFi.  I'm concerned with latency (lagging) issues and the 5GB monthly limit.  Essently can an Xbox live be used effectively for online gaming with a MiFi?

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                I use my VZ Jetpack 4G MHS MIFI14510L, on my xbox constantly and I dont have 4G in Wyoming yet, so yes I have lagging issues on 1 on 1 games, but bigger games like Red Dead Redemption or the Call or Duties I haven't had a lot of problems. Unfortunately due ti the MIFI it sets my connection to Moderate or Strict so I'm trying to figure out how to change it to open. I read you have to open the ports, so I could use help with that if any one knows.

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                  john davis

                  if your on a 5gb plan it comes down to gamming usage if that plan is even good for you