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    How Long Does It Take For Activation?


      I've been waiting for a good 2 and a half hours and it still says that it's activating. I've followed the instructions by calling in to the 877 number provided. It's a brand new phone and sim card and if it failed, I was expecting some kind of error if it really did fail, but I have nothing to show.


      I've even tried going to the phone activation section on the site and I just don't have an ESN/MEID, but instead an IMEI that won't fit in the input box provided. Do I just wait it out?

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          What kind of phone are you trying to activate?  Is there a phone currently active on the line you are trying to activate the new phone on?  Is the phone you are trying to activate still active on another line?


          A few more details will help us to help you...


          You can always call customer service (800-922--0204) from another phone and they can tell you exactly why it won't activate, or get it activated for you.  Oh, and to answer your original question, activation should only take a matter of minutes - after you go through the proper steps and the generic music plays for 30 sec to a minute, you get a screen or voice that says activation successful or "Your phone is now activated".


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