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    My phone won't recieve e-mail


      I have had my Curve 9330 for a little over a year.  I have been recieving my work e-mails.  A few days ago I recieved a messge that I needed to validate my password for my work e-mail.  I am not able to validate the e-mail and I get a message stating it is an invalid password.  I have not changed my password.  I stopped by the Verizon store today and she basicly told me to hook it up to my computer and check for a Blackberry update.  Well, there are no updates.  She also told me that I probably would need to put up with it until I can get an upgrade in January.  Are you serious?  I pay over $200 per month and I can't have even use my work e-mail?  This is crazy and I am so frustrated with this phone and Verizon.  She also told me that they don't even sell Blackberries anymore.

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          I am sorry to hear that you have recently experienced issues with the email account on your Blackberry device. I can say from personal experience it drives me crazy when technology does not work the way it is designed to, so I can certainly empathize with what you are going through. But no worries we can definitely get this fixed! Provided below is a link to the Blackberry web site that will walk you through validating any email accounts you have set up on your device http://bit.ly/YP7Zki. We are just a message away to help save the day, so if further assistance is needed please do not hesitate to contact us!

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            Thank you for your response, however I cannot validate my e-mail/password.  I have had this same e-mail for several months and then all of a sudden 2 weeks or so ago I got a message stating I had to validate my password.  When I try to do this, I get an error stating my password is incorrect.  I tried deleting the e-mail from my blackberry account online and then re-enter it and it now will not let me add the e-mail address.  It states that the password is invalid.  The verizon store I went to told me to plug my phone into my computer to see if there are any updates and there were not.  She told me that I will probably have to just put up with it until I can get a new phone in January.  What kind of a response is that?  She said verizon is no longer selling blackberries.   So am I just supposed to put my work on hold for 2 months because I cannot recei ve e-mail?  This is rediculous and right now I am not a very happy verizon customer.  I pay over $200 a month and I cannot even use my phone the way I need to.

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              You should not have to put your business on hold just due to these e-mail issues! That is not an acceptable response for us here, so let's figure this out.

              You said this was your work e-mail, correct? Have you checked with your IT department to make sure they have all the correct settings and permissions for your to get your e-mail on your device? Also, have you changed the password on their end and tried to re-enter it in the device. Are other e-mail accounts working alright on your device? If your device is up to date and all other e-mails or data applications are working, we do not have a problem with the device or the network. I would have to say this is something on your company's side. Did they change their security settings recently? It may have prevented access from internet addresses away from your place of work. Please check with them and reattempt to add the e-mail. Keep us posted!


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