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    Verizon Wireless Home Connect


      When I was sold the Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect I was told that I simply plug the device into my home land line wall jack. When I got home and read the directions I realized the sales person was wrong and my phone number was simply being ported into a cell phone number. When I returned the unit I was charged a restocking fee of $35. How can I get that credited back to my account?


      1- I was given bad information.

      2- I get no cell signal at my home.

      3- The Verizon coverage map is just wrong.

      4- I was not told that my burglar / fire alarm would not work, but found out from the Verizon website.

      5- I returned the unit before the deadline.


      When I returned the unit to the Verizon store in Brea, Ca. I asked my sales person if she knew that Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect did not use the hard wire land line. She said it did. When I asked if the display unit was plugged into a wall jack, she said it was but I just couldn't see it. When I asked the manager to not charge me a restock charge because I was given bad information, he refused.


      I really liked my sales person during the original transaction but have since reconsidered my position. I don't think she knows what a land line is.

      It took 40 minutes in  the store to return the unit because I had to wait for the sales person as she was helping another customer.

      Luckily for me AT & T waived the $85 connection fee and I was only without a home phone for several days.


      Thanks for your help.


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          I just talked to a Candice at Verizon in the billing department and she asked me if I signed my receipt. I said yes. She said that I had agreed to the $35 restocking fee per the Return Policy at the bottom of the receipt. She's sorry that the sales representative gave me wrong information, did not explain that the device is not compatible with some alarm systems and sorry that the cell service map is only a theory. (not her exact words.) She is also sorry I don't get a cell signal at my home but I signed the receipt so I have to pay.

          False advertising?


          I'll be happy to change my opinion of Verizon if I get a credit. If I get a credit, you'll read about it here. If not, it's buyer beware.


          Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect device - $35 Restock Charge


          It's non-refundable.

          It can't be waived.

          The device can't be sold as new.


          It doesn't matter if it doesn't work!!!