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    Lumia 822 quirks/questions


      I love the phone. Works great, but I have discovered a few quirks, and was wondering if anyone has them as well.

      1. Phone app - settings - Voicemail - I turned off the Default VM slider. I want to add my passcode in for easy access while driving. I add a  comma or 2 and the code..when I go back it tried to save but says

      We're having trouble saving your voicemail number right now. Try again later.

      I have tried for 3 days,...never saves


      2. Ringtones - I saw the instructions to copy ringtones to the ringtone folder. I put about 6 of them in there. But whne you try to change them Custom only evers sees 2. Is that right?


      3. Text Notifcations - does not appear to be any way to get this to use a custom ringtone/alert.


      Would love to hear from anyone who has this or found a way to fix it!