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    SD Card Unexpectedly Removed


      Hello All,


      I'm having a problem with my DInc2, and have seen much written about the problem, but none of the proposed fixes seem to work.


      My phone will recognize the SD card for a random amount of time--sometimes an hour, sometimes a day. Then I'll get a notification that the "SD Card was Unexpectedly Removed." This happens randomly, and without apparent cause. If I go into "Settings > SD & phone storage," it shows the SD card section all greyed out, even though the card is present in the phone. If I shut off the phone, remove and then reinsert the SD card, then restart the phone, it will start the pattern again--but without fail, the card will unmount again.


      I've made many efforts to fix this problem, without success. The things I've tried:


      1. Factory reset, through the settings menu.

      2. Hard reset, through the recovery menu.

      3. Format the SD card in the phone.

      4. Run a chkdsk and format the SD card in my PC.

      5. Tried 2 other working SD cards, checked and formatted in my PC.


      Does anyone have any ideas? I'm becoming increasingly convinced that this is either a hardware or software problem with the phone, and not an issue with the SD card(s).


      Thanks for your help!