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    Nokia Lumia 822 & HTC 8x sends garbled text characters to some phones


      I have a strange issue on a new Nokia Lumia 822 on the Verizon network. What is happening is that any text message the 822 sends out to any basic phone results in garbled text and special characters displayed. However, if the basic phone sends a text to the 822, the text is readable. You can see what I am talking about in the attached picture. This does not happen if a text is sent to any type of smartphone...in this case the text is received and readable as expected. Also, if I send a mms that includes a picture with text to these same basic phones, the text can be read just fine. I was on the phone with Verizon tech support for 2 hours and we were not able to fix it. The finally told me to go get the phone replaced. After getting a new 822 and sim card, the same problem is happening. Not quite sure what to do about this and/or if this is just a Verizon issue.

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