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    Cell towers


      How do I go a out updating cell towers? I tried*228 but was told I couldn't access it. ?

      Meanwhile I'm lucky if I get 2 bars in the house!

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          Which phone do you have?


          The *228, option 1 and 2 should only be used on 3G only phones. Phones with a 4G LTE SIM card update differently.

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            IIt's the iPhone 5. I just found out it updates automatically. thanks! Still barely works out here.theres this App called Cell Towers, and it appears the closest Verizon is 14 miles away! Might have something to do with it?

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              If the tower is 14 miles away,. unless you live on top of a mountain, you would have zero service.


              Forget the 'Number of Bars', what is your signal strength? It is reported as -XXdBm x= the numerical value