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    No sim card


      My phone constantly says no sim card.  I've had the sim card and device repleaced and I keep getting "No sim card" every 6-8weeks.  I have removed the sim card while the phone is off and replaced after 10 minutes.  This issue consistently happens.  Has any one else experienced this issue?  I'm tired of not knowing when I will have service.  My cell phone is my only phone and Verizon Customer Service has repeatedly told me to call tech support; but how can I call tech support when there is no sim card detected?  I feel I shouldn't keep having to replace the device or the sim card.  Any suggestions how on to resolve this issue would be grealy appreciated!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I want you to have reliable service for your Maxx alisonk09! Do you have any Task Killer, Battery Saver, or Task Manager applications installed on your phone? I've come across applications like this that can frequently cause error messages on the best of devices. If you do have any of these type of applications installed, please start by uninstalling http://bit.ly/yRC2gJ them.

          Also, if the error message appears on your phone again, try placing your phone into Safe Mode http://bit.ly/rxg0ii . This allows your phone to boot up without running third-party applications  so it can trigger a proper connection to the network.

          We're here for you if you continue to see this strange error message.


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