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    Samsung Galaxy Note II and its SIM CARD


      Does anyone know if the version that Verizon will carry supports swapping the sim card with a local one when abroad?


      I know they consider it "Global Phone" however sometimes by that they mean "using Verizons roaming and having to pay fees when in Italy let's say". So before I order it, I would like to know that it actually supports putting in a sim card from abroad, and that I don't have to pay Verizon when I am on vacation somewhere else.


      I chatted with two different representatives today, and the first told me "No, you can't" ....while the second told me "Yes, you can". When I asked them if there would be a specific department that would know the answer for sure, she said "Sign up by the device and try it yourself, you can cancel in 14 days." -- however I don't want that either, don't have time to test it - so I am asking here.


      Also, what about the Verizon HTC Droid DNA? Does that support swapping the sim card?!

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          The question i asked at a store is if the "GSM SIM card side was unlocked when i bought it" and i was first told NO, that there was a 6 month waiting period! When i clarified that i was a long term Verizon customer, they said "oh yes, for existing customers it is unlocked immediately".


          I had described my need to use a local SIM card when overseas, and i was told that would be just fine.


          YMMV . . .