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    Exceed My Data PLan On iPad Mini


      If I have a 1gig data plan on an iPad mini and meet the 1 gig limit before the month is over, what happens ?

      Does it just stop receiving data or do I get a warning that I am about to exceeded my limit or does it charge me a set fee for going over ?




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          You should get an alert from Verizon if you are approaching your data limit, but I'd recommended checking yourself periodically because the data does not stop, as you put it ... whatever you use over 1 GB you have to pay for and overages aren't cheap ($15 per GB).  Your best bet if it looks like you'll have an overage is to increase your data plan for that month (i.e., higher data limit with corresponding higher cost) and backdate the plan to the beginning of your billing cycle so that you won't incur an overage.