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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 32gb / 64gb


      Any rumors about when the 32gb / 64gb versions might finally hit the shelves?


      Anyone else surprised we haven't seen more people screaming for the devices w/ more storage?

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          I did hear a rumor that the 32gb version of the Galaxy Note 2 would be available "soon" - supposedly from a Verizon rep. No actual dates.


          Its almost a form of misleading advertising - the Note 2 is announced in 16, 32 and 64 gb versions, but wait, no,the truth is that its only available as a 16gb version (and only 10gb of that is actually available to the user to use). Its only available in all those larger capacities if you live in S. Korea - otherwise, forget it. Hey the Galaxy S3, which has been out for more than 6 months, still is not available in the 64 gb version and who knows when that will be available. What good is a top of the line cell phone with all kinds of crazy creative capacity and a top of the line price, if you can only buy it with a bottom of the line memory capacity?

          I'd like to buy one of these phones, but until Samsung can get their acts together and actually produce the product they announced they would make, I'll not be buying one. It really makes Samsung look bad.

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            I am eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 version with 32/64 GB but the 16 GB version turned out to be a bummer. I am happy to continue with my current Galaxy Nexus with 32 GB internal memory till the 32/64 GB Galaxy Note 2 is available.

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              I have not seen any carrier release that they are going to carry the 32GB or 64GB model of the note2. I am just going to get a 64GB memory card in the 16GB model that i preordered

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                JUST GOT MY NOTE 2

                can you guys stop blocking the SD card

                what the ****

                i downloaded the batman game it was 2,5GB i cant move it... its blocked...i even did this....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2E1GqpZtUA&feature=related

                don't work... <Deleted> ... but at this point i only have 14days to take my phone back....lets see if the 32GB note comes out in time... if not....then im just going to stay with my old that i can use my SD card on it...i called Samsung they said more people need to call in before they can make a fix....and i emailed Google they told me the same thing....why give something cool.. then before you know it..its blocked.....lets all call in---Samsung 1-800-726-7864..im just so mad


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                  I think they will eventually get the 32gb version of the Note 2 but its pretty doubtful if they will have in a week or so. You will probably need to return your device or just live with it. Its lame that they put out a top of the line device with bottom of the line allotment of memory. How are you supposed to use it? I'm going to sit tight and wait until the 32gb or (gasp!) the 64 gb versions are available. I cant make do with 10 available (on your 16 gb, phone, android and Samsung's own aps take up 6 of your 16 gb). I am guessing the 32 gb version will be out in a month or two.

                  The "blocking" of the SD card, where aps cant go on the card memory, is a function of android, and had nothing to do with Verizon (would be the same no matter the carrier). It is supposedly done as a security measure (cards can be exchanged, aps on cards can spread malware programming).

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                    Apps2SD is no longer native to Android as of 2.3.  3.0 and above no longer supports it as it runs MTP instead of UMS.  Google has already given their reasons since the release of 3.0, but most people didn't bother reading it.  There was a lot of bugs which are well documented on Google bug pages.


                    There is no "blocking"  as it does not exist in the first place from Google with the native code.  So if a company wants to support it they'd have to write their own code to make it work.  With the way people are complaining about not getting updates things like this will delay it a lot more than see if carrier branded apps work or not(to code these takes less than a week and it probably already updated long before manufacturers even give code to carriers for testing).


                    15.625 due to formatting.  You have I believe on a clean install 11.9GB(not exactly sure as it's been a long while with the other versions of Note 2's I have been playing with.)

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                      Good news they have the 32gb 64gb 128gb for pre orders I just got my 64gb just paid $50 more ...I told verizon the sd csrd is blocked and I did not know you cant save apps to sd I downloaded 6 games then my sd card was full a also said its false advertisement its not 16gb its 10gb you get so they got a manager to over ride it just pay the difference and send your old phone back sweet hope you guys get one ...I got the black one

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                        Sounds great, but who do you mean by "they" - Samsung or Verizon?

                        I am curious because the Note 2 was not supposed to have a 128GB internal memory version - you could only get 128 gb with 64gb sd and 64 gb of internal memory.

                        What city did you buy in?

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                          It's not false advertising, the phone does have 16 GB memory.  But, the firmware has to go somewhere.  It's just like any computer.

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