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    Wireless Charging Pad for HTC 8X


      Does anyone know what charging pads out there are compatible with this phone? I preordered the HTC 8X and have been searching online, but have not been able to find any specific info.


      Is the Nokia charging plate actually compatible with the HTC phone? Are there any others out there?


      Thanks for any info.

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          It looks like the HTC will follow the same QI Wireless charging standard as the Nokia's use so my guess is they will be compatible.

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            I bought the Energizer Inductive charger with the Qi tech, so hopefully it'll work. It's odd how little info there is out there about this and particularly on Verizon's own site.

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              Just went into the store and had them unbox a fresh 8x and test it on the nokia charging pad. Seemed to work just fine. Now if only Verizon would deliver my pre-order!!

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                Good to know. Thanks. I ordered the Energizer one which came last week, but haven't had a chance to test it since I don't have the phone.


                I'm with you on the pre-order! I still haven't received any shipping info which was supposed to come today. I'm getting tired of waiting.

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                  Just a note to anyone finding this thread.


                  I have received my HTC 8X (which is awesome!) and it paired perfectly with the Energizer Qi Inductive Charger. You just plug the charger in, set your phone on it and its great.


                  (btw, if you are looking on Amazon, ignore the poor reviews for the charger. The people who gave them, for the most part did not realize you needed a phone that was already capable of Qi charging or a sleeve.)

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                    I just received a Duracell PowerMat (1 device, model M1PB1). It does not work with the HTC 8X phone. The PowerMat unit beeps when plugged in, but does not charge or beep when phone is on the pad. Phone has no indication it's charging.


                    Can't find anything in SETTINGS that would enable/disable charging. All updates are installed.

                    I can feel a magnetic pull when the device is centered.


                    Are there different standards in power mat chargers ?

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                      The Duracel Powermat does not follow the  Qi wireless charging standard, which is what the Nokia Lumia 822 (with proper back) and the HTC 8X use.


                      Remember, the keyword to look for is Qi. If the wireless charger makes no mention of Qi, then it probably isn't compatible.


                      FYI: The Nokia Charging Plate available in the Verizon store should be compatible with the 8X, it's cheaper than most places too.

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                        You do have to look for Qi compatible devices. The Energizer charging pad is Qi enabled and works flawlessly for me.