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    asurion insurance


      why do i have asurion insurance if i have to pay when my phone is broke.. really is there a point

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          It's called an insurance deductible. It is similar to the deductibles on a full coverage car insurance.

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            how many times do u use it til u meet the deductible



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              Just as with car insurance, you have to pay the deductible each time you make a claim.

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                Also too, you are allowed 2 claims in a 12 month rolling period. If you have a 3rd claim in that timeframe, you will not be covered, and the monthly fee for the insurance is removed from your account until you are outside that timeframe and have purchased a new device.

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                  I really don't know why you would bother having Asurion insurance. My experience with them was TERRIBLE. After filling out an onerous several page claim and FAXing it to them you'll have to pay them an additonal fee of at least $99.00. They claim they will send you a phone overnight. It took them a week. I had a Samsung Charge Droid. It was a great phone. After waiting a week for a phone they sent me a replacement. It wasn't a new phone. It didn't work. When I called and complained they offered to send me an HTC Thunderbolt. This phone gets good independent reviews but whereas the Samsung Charge had swipe and voice recognition texting, the HTC phone did not. It frequently didn't recognize the SIM chip that was  sent with it and it didn't come with a data card. No data card, no photos. The HTC Thunderbolt suposedly had bluetooth but it wouldn't sych with my car's hands free system.The Samsung did first time & every time.

                  My advice is not waste your money on Asurion insurance. Try to get your cell phone covered under your home owners insurance instead. You'll probably be happy you did because you won't get ******* over by Asurion.

                  By the way, Verizon just increased the monthly fee for their insurance coverage.