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    unable to receive picture messages


      I am unable to receive picture messages. My friends are trying to send me pictures, but i do not receive anything, I find out later when they ask did you get the picture I sent? I had no clue that they had sent me a picture because i did not get any form of notification. what can I do to fix this?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi JoelWilson,

          I apologize for the delay and I am confident your issue has been resolved since your original post! If not, let's see what's causing the problem! Which device do you have? What is your current zip code? Are you connected via wi-fi? Picture/vidoe messages can only be downloaded via our network.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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            Having the same issues here. I can send picture messages just fine, but I can't receive them; they either hang up on the "receiving message" screen or just don't come through at all. If they hang up on the receiving screen, it stays that way for a few moments then says "unable to receive multimedia message". Was working perfectly fine last night. Have cleared my inbox of all messages, removed the battery for 30+ seconds, still nada. Also, regular texts come and go as normal, no issue at all in that regard. So is this a network issue on Verizon's end or something? Another thing I feel I should point out is that everything was working flawlessly as of about 5:00 this morning.


            Device is LG Cosmos 2, current zip is 48035, wifi has never been a factor in receiving messages before(considering I, until recently, had a data block in place).


            Oh and apparently now I can't even send pictures. Not even to myself. Wonderful.

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              Similar issues...


              Can't receive picture messages.

              Can't receive texts from numerous people, but can from some. My Internet is working just fine since I can get on Facebook. Never us wifi for my phone.


              Samsung fascinate 47905.... My phone was working fine until about 4 pm this evening...





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                I was having the same issue, then it started downloading. Now one of them says it is expired! Is it possible to retrieve the message?

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                  My sister and I are both having the same problem.  It just started this week.  Is there an issue with Verizon, since we all seem to be having the same issue?  We both have LG Octane phones.

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                    I have the same issue, can't send or receive pic messages. This just started about a week ago. I have a Droid 4 and am on 3g. I have tried the options on other posts about turning wifi off and making sure data is turned on. I restarted the phone and now I can receive and send the pics. I'm not sure what exactly fixed it but now it seems to be ok. We'll see if it continues to work!