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    I've just about had it. Bill keeps increasing by about 30 PERCENT each month!


      I don't freaking understand this company.   I bought what I thought would be a simple plan.  Internet, and a cell phone.   I understood that my second bil would be more then my first due to some adjustments,  but $359 a month??   Every time I get a bill I get a note on it stating that there were changes made to my plan so there are extra charges.  I've only made one change in about four months.   This is just absolutely nuts.   If this keeps going (and it wont cause I'm cancelling this insanity)  by next month my Verizon bill will be more then my rent.   I can get the exact same service through my regular phone provider and pay $200 less a month.   How does this company stay in buisness like this?

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