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    Can I connect my Droid Razr M to my desktop computer and add pictures and other information such as Passwords?


      I have a Droid Razr M, and have been trying to get into a class to learn about all of the features on this phone. I had a Blackberry 8530 before and I upload a lot of Pictures and Contacts from the Blackberry and now want to put some of them on my Droid Razr M but not know what affect of connect my Droid to my desktop to try and transefer information and items what would happen. I had a Rep help me get some of my contacts but I didn't get all of them and their pictures. So my basic question is weather or not it is safe to try and download / Sync the information that on my desktop to my Droid Razr M?

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          Plug your phone into your PC via the USB cable that came with the phone; a new icon should be visible in the "Computer" window; double click on it.  One is labeled "Internal Storage" and the other is "SD card".  Internal Storage is the 4GB of the 8GB internal memory that you can use, the other 4GB is reserved for the System and Applications.  SD card is the micro-SDcard that you put in the phone.  You may use either.


          You cannot transfer passwords, email setup, and application setup data from the PC to the phone.


          Pictures: Just copy the pictures that you want on your phone to a directory on the phone.  They will show up in the Gallery after a reboot.


          Contacts in VCard format may be loaded onto the SDcard and imported into the contacts on your phone.

          People > 3 Dots > Import/Export > Import from storage


          But the best way is to sync your contacts from Gmail.  Import or type in your contacts info and picture in the Contacts part of Gmail on your PC and just sync your Gmail and contacts to your phone.  If you have your contact info from your BB in cvs or vcard format then just import into Gmail on your PC.  If you do not have your contact info saved from your BB, can you still export it to a file?  If not then you may have to retype it into the Contacts part of Gmail on your PC.

          Settings > Accounts & sync > Touch your Gmail account name > pick things you want to sync.

          Settings > Accounts & sync > make sure the sync symbol is lit/green after your Gmail account name.


          Applications:  You will have to install apps from Google Play Store and set them up manually.


          For future reference, one focused question per forum post is better.