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    Problem Charging HTC Incredible 4G LTE


      I charge my DROID Incredible 4g LTE by HTC every night using the charger that came with the phone without any problem. I plug the charging cord into the phone, the green light comes on indicating phone charging, and the phone goes to sleep.  Once in a while, the charging light remains yellow, the phone does not go to sleep, and the phone does not charge.  When this happens, I need to turn off the phone to charge it.  Has anyone seen this problem before?  Anyy suggestions on how to correct the problem.


      Thanks for your assistance.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Acadian, thanks for posting. Are you still having issues charging your phone? Have you tried this:http://bit.ly/TcHdhQ ? Is there any physical or water damage to the phone?^SP

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            I am having the same charging problems mentioned above.  I just purchased a new battery earlier today, and have had the phone charging all day without any improvement. Also tried the hard reset suggested by customer support (http://bit.ly/TcHdhQ), and still no improvement. As soon as I disconnect the charger, the battery strength signal goes to yellow. This is a replacement phone that I just received about a month ago since my other Incredible was still under warranty. Any more suggestions?

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              My wife and I are having issues with the charge that came with the our htc droid incredible 4G LTE .

              The plug that plugs into the phone is very loose in the phone and the thin wire for the charge bends really easly.

              So, it's the wire, the wire needs to be thicker and not be easy to bend.  If your going to sell us a phone, at least have a decent charge.  Verizon Wireless works on training it's staff and how to sell to them, but it needs to inform the phone makers about the little things that make people come back and back and back to a company,  Just one thing and you could lose a customer.  Doesn't companies realize that now a days.

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                Let's address your charge issues quinny842. Have either of you had a chance to try other chargers? If so, and the other charger works a replacement charger may be the resolution. If the other charger is creating the same issue there may be a problem with the phone's charging port and a device replacement may be the resolution. If you don't have another charger to try you can test at a direct Verizon Wireless store location. Please share. Thank you.

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                  I am having a similar problem. I am on my 4th charger (original came with phone and rest purchased at Verizon store) and all have stopped charging my phone completely after a few weeks. I do not leave the charger plugged in and I do not leave the phone on the charger over night as recommended by Verizon employee. I went to the store with my issues and they even sent me out a new phone thinking the battery may be bad but the new one sent has the same issues. I now only use a car charger and even with that I get a message that pops up saying "slow to charge, please use original power source that came with device". That message always comes up even when I was using the first and original charger. Verizon employee that I spoke to this past weekend said they are unable to help me. So I am now left with a phone that mysteriously seems to break every charger I try,

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                    So your on your Second Phone are you by chance charging the phone @ the same outlet that first phone mystically went on the bad on ya if So i think i would Test that outlet see what it's putting out in AC volts even though a charger converts AC to DC a bad outlet can cause all kinds of issues..

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                      I am having a problem with my phone charging as well. This is a replacement I have only had for about a month because my phone was over heating and the battery would randomly just die. Now every time I use any charger in my house it doesn't want to charge or if the charger is bumped or moved at all it stop charging. I have tried different charges and different outlets and the only thing I can find is that the port might be loose but I have never dropped the phone or done anything that could have loosened it so it had to be loose when they sent it to me in the first place. I called my local store and they told me they could send me a new phone but I will have to pay $125 deposit which is more than I paid for this in the first place. Help

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                        Same problem here out of the box the charger would not charge the phone, my incredible 2 charger would. The charger does work on my other android phones. Now none of my charges will work I have several. All I get is a flashing orange light and won't charge up. Doesn't make any since, the connection is not damaged and there has been no water damage to the phone. I think it's a manufacturing defect.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi lovewv,

                          Your efforts are greatly appreciated, let's see what's causing the problem! When did the issue begin? Have we has an opportunity to replace the battery? I can happily review your account in an effort to identify if your phone is still inside of the manufacturers warranty. Please DM me your name and wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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