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    Email Deletion Very Slow - Check Boxes 'Touchy'


      Email deletion on my Samsung Galaxy S III seems to work in slow motion - is there a setup parameter somewhere that I have set incorrectly? When I select a group of messages for deletion via the checkbox along the left side of the message list and then press delete, the delete process is like watching a slow moving train putt by - you can actually see them being deleted one at a time sequentially! My old phone (Droid 2), immediately pushed all messages marked for delete to a delete folder - there was no 'lag' time.


      Since I generally select messages for delete in order to clean out my inbox before I start to review the detail of the messages that I want to keep and review, I find myself drilling down in messages I've marked for delete because they're not gone yet!


      Also - when I'm marking messages for delete via the check box on the left, frequently instead of just putting a check in the box I find that I've inadvertantly drilled down into the message detail. I expect that's an issue related to the 'touch' functionality that is supposed to put the checkmark in the check box. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just that I don't 'touch' correctly?

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          Hello to you Rosie232!

          Let's get your train tugging right along at a faster pace! Let's figure this out together!

          I tested an S III using the Gmail application and it deleted the messages in one quick swipe. I only chose 7 messages though.

          How many messages do you choose at a time? Is this for the Mail app or a 3rd party mail app?

          Please advise!


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            I have two emails synced down to my phone 1) email from my msn.com account, 2) business email from my godaddy account: name@companyname.com


            It really doesn't matter how many emails I delete at a time - 7 or 57. They always delete VERY SLOWLY. It may take 30-40 seconds. Guess I should try timing the delete process.


            I've also noticed other strange things happening recently:


            * emails are not displaying all the content or images (even though my setting is to show images) - I am presented with a button within the email that must be pushed to display more - or retrieve more content (I don't remember the exact wording).


            * not all emails are in my inbox folder - it may tell me I have 67 emails in my inbox - so I read through the 67 that are currently displayed in my inbox, delete many of them, then once they are deleted, another 50+ show up in my inbox from earlier in the day, or from the prior day. This is not good - it means that I'm not seeing emails in a timely manner, and not responding to my clients in a timely manner.


            I really could use your help -

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              Rosie232, thanks for posting? Are you still having issues with your email? Have you tried to delete your email addresses and readd them? Any other issues with the phone?^SP

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                Yes - I am still having issues with email....


                The email accounts were set up by Verizon staff at the store and it took a couple of trips because the original set up was not correct. If I delete them and try to re-add them myself it will probably result in more trips to the store or long phone calls with Verizon support, and going without email while it's in maintenance/fix it mode.


                And I don't understand how deleting and re-adding the accounts would make a difference - could you explain what the benefit of doing that would be?


                Other email problems -

                Frequently I receive emails that don't come into my inbox in the correct/final format. They are unformatted, text files - in fact - I'm looking at one now - it's a newsletter type email from The Compliance Exchange. In order to make it read-able I have to scroll all the way down to the end of the email (10 swipes to scroll down to bottom of email), press a button that says "Load more details", and wait for the email to format itself (when spinning circle to stop spinning).


                I then ALSO have to click on another button that says "Show Images", in order for image headers and other images in the email to be displayed.


                In the past on my Droid 2 phone these same emails came in totally formatted - no extra steps. It may sound like no big deal, but it is when I have to do this 20-30 times a day.


                Overall - with the slow delete problem, the difficulty in accurately putting a check in the mark for delete check box, the extra steps that I have to go through to be able to read an email in the correct format - going through my emails is taking me at least 3 times longer with this new phone. Not to mention the concern of not receiving all emails - or at least not receiving them timely (per prior explanation that sometimes when I delete a batch of emails, more emails pop into my inbox that are a day old).

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                  Hey rosie232,

                  Just so you know the benefit of removing and readding the accounts would be to make sure that all the settings are correct for that particular e-mail account. I do have an S3 here and I was able to delete from my Gmail account about 70 messages very easily. You must have a Gmail on your phone. Do you get e-mails to it? Are you able to easily delete them there?

                  Also, do your e-mails come in correctly into your Inbox if you log on the computer. Do you see them in the correct order is you also sign into live.com or msn.com on your phone's browser?

                  In terms of the format of the e-mails and not being able to download fully, if you send the same e-mail to your Gmail account, does the full e-mail load? I believe this may be a feature of the e-mail application that it cannot load everything fully or it may be saving data usage and not downloading the entire message.

                  I understand your concern and I do want to help further. Please let us know a bit more and we will go further.


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                    • Hi Michelle,

                    Thanks for the explanation regarding reset of accounts. Guess that will be what I ultimately have to do, but I prefer to do that when I'm on the phone with someone who knows what they're doing to help ensure everything gets set up correctly.


                    In answer to your questions:

                    When viewing the sample email online directly in my MSN webmail or GoDaddy webmail accounts, all is okay - email displays all data and images without needing to click buttons to load more or load images.


                    When viewing the sample email on my phone, both my MSN account and GoDaddy account do not display all data - I get the button to "load more details". Not sure about the images now because I'm forwarding the same test email back and forth. I should have a new email from the source coming in later this afternoon - I'll check both accounts then to see if images are coming in or not.


                    I'd be interested in forwarding the email to you to see what happens when you get this same email on your Samsung SIII phone.


                    Thanks, Anita


                    Message was edited by: Anita  I've attached a file that shows screen shots of the sample email. Page 1 shows what the email looks like when viewed in webmail or Outlook (this is also what it looks like AFTER I click on the buttons to load more details)  Page 14 shows what the email looks like when viewed on my phone


                    >Message edited to remove personal info from public view. In addition the attachment was removed due to personal info being presented there.<


                    Message was edited by: Verizon Moderator


                    Not sure why the email sample document was deleted - I selected it as a sample because it was a newsletter - I didn't see any personal information - I don't believe my email was displayed, and everything thing else was the content and email address of the newsletter - nothing personal or proprietary.


                    Message was edited by: Anita Rose Additional information: I spent over an hour on the phone last night with Verizon Support discussing the email format issue noted above - guess the more concise description of my issue is that email messages come into my phone in "PLAIN TEXT" format instead of in "HTML" format, which causes me to go through the extra steps to view them in html format (scrolling down, selecting load more details button, then selecting display images button). Verizon support said according to their resources for the Samsung SIII phone, in Settings/Sync Settings there should be an option to set the "Message Format" - by using that setting I could select for messages to be HTML format or PLAIN TEXT format - BUT, that setting no longer exists. We conferenced in Samsung support who apparently had no knowledge of that option. So - did that setting option previously exist and a recent software update eliminate it? If so, I'd like to know what the procedure is to request that option be reinstated.... I could be wrong, but I have a feeling when I initially got my phone a 6-8 weeks ago messages were displayed in HTML format and then it changed.

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                      I just started having this problem today in my business outlook email account.  I've deleted over 80 messages and they keep returning back to my inbox. I've gone to my computer and deleted them to ensure that they are not on the server, but they still show up in my galaxy 3 phone.  I'm also have gmail account but not having any problem with that inbox.  I've deleted the messages 3 times today and they keep returning.  Its all the messages that are in the "older" date category.  The messages deleted from this week up to today are staying deleted.  Whats going on?

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                        Regarding all emails coming in text format instead of HTML: It was not my imagination :-) !!!


                        Apparently Verizon or Samsung paid attention to the complaint. About 2 weeks ago my phone got a software update, and whalaa - I am now receiving emails in HTML format. THANK YOU for fixing this very big problem!!!!! Reading through my emails is now a breeze! I save a tremendous amount of time now that I don't have to manually change every text email to HTML! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


                        I take back some of the THANK YOU'S - Although the Text/HTML was fixed correctly initially, it is now not working 100%

                        I receive an email newsletter daily - when this was fixed initally 2 weeks ago, I receved the newsletter in HTML and could scroll through all topics in the email and view the first paragraph of each from within the email. NEW ISSUE: The last email I received was in HTML format (that's good), BUT - not all content was displayed in the email. It displayed only the beginning of the newsletter, and the end of the newsletter. All content inbetween (the actual topics that showed previously) were not displayed. When I selected the link "having trouble viewing this email? Click here" and viewed the newletter via the browser, I was surprised to see a hugh amount of newsletter content that did not exist in my email! Usually the first paragraph of each topic displays in the email. None of the topics are now displaying. Appears that content is not being downloaded.


                        • Slow email delete still an issue (although it seems to be very slightly better).
                        • Touchy delete box does not appear to be as bad (but maybe that's just me getting better at touching the boxes).
                        • When deleting - always have to validate delete ("This email will be deleted") - dont remember this validation previously. Wish there was a setting to either turn the extra delete validation on or off (I prefer it off). If I accidently delete something I can go into the delete folder and pull it back. With this extra delete validation always on, every email delete is a two step process - again - it's a time management issue.


                        But, I've noticed a couple of other issues I'll start a different conversation on.

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                          Regarding slow email delete

                          I took your advice (MichelleG). Went to the local Verizon store, and with their assistance we deleted my 2 email accounts, and re-added them. It made no difference - still the same problem.


                          And, in the process I found out my backup assistant plus was not syncing (getting an errorcode) and I lost a bunch of my contacts.


                          It's still a slow delete - the program should immediately push all emails marked for delete to a temp delete folder and then slowly delete them from there in the background. That way, in the primary inbox, the deletes are instanteanous.