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    Verizon Recovery Department? What a Joke.


      2 weeks, I've called these **** people. 2 weeks, 3-5 times a day. I call the main 800 number, tell them I need the Recovery Department, and they transfer me to the >Implied profanity deleted< Financial Dept. who then transfers me to 800-852-1922 where I enter get ANOTHER recording telling me to call back during normal hours of 8am to 5pm. VERIZON, *** IS GOING ON WITH YOU? WHY CAN'T I GET AHOLD OF ANYBODY? YOU'VE DESTROYED YET ANOTHER SERVICE MEMBERS CREDIT, BECAUSE YOUR EMPLOYEE FAILED TO TERMINATE MY CONTRACT LIKE THEY WERE REQUIRED. Now I've got terrible credit because you incompetent, greedy, and ruthless people don't care about your employees. Does it not bother you that you have over 1400 cases/complaints filed against you through the BBB? That this forum is mostly dedicated to telling other people to stay away from you?


      Let me break this down one more time. Be warned Verizon employees lurking around here, if this matter I have is not resolved with in the next week, you will hear from my lawyer.


      I need to speak with the Verizon in house recovery dept to clear my *completely and 100% fraudulent and fabricated debt* and fix my credit score. When I left for overseas in Jan 2010, I gave a copy of my orders to a verizon employee in my town who told me my service would be terminated at the beginning of Jan. (the 7th to be exact) Over a year later I received my first debt collection notice for the amount of $693.38 with the remarks of "missed payment, and late payment, coupled with late fees". Impossible, because my service *****~~~~~~SHOULD~~~~~~***** have been terminated. When I found out, Verizon wouldn't accept any of my calls or emails, and the debt collector didn't want anything but money. I was going to wait until I returned to the US to deal with it, but I figured I'd give it another crack before I returned. Verizon has now taken my debt back from the debt collector, and refuses to help me with anything unless I go through their recovery dept. WHY IS THE RECOVERY DEPT CLOSED AT ALL HOURS OF THE WEEK?!?!?!?!?!?!? The Verizon in house recovery located at number 800-852-1922 WILL NOT ANSWER. Nobody is answering and seems like this should be kind of an important department.




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          As far as I know, being deployed overseas does not give you the right to terminate a contract. It will let you suspend your service indefinitely, and it will add any remaining period of contract to once the service is re-activated. If a rep told you that your contract would be terminated, I believe you were misinformed.

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            I also believe showing your orders will not necessarily terminate your contract without consequence. Verizon WILL suspend your account during your deployment without consequence, but if you asked to have your service terminated, you would have been responsible for any ETF's which would have been in play depending on the amount of time left on your contract. If you failed to pay these ETF's, you would have had late fees, etc... and eventually had your account sent to collections.


            As to the call centers not being answered, we did have a hurricane here on the east coast within the last week. SEVERAL businesses in NYC and other areas of the east coast are STILL without power. This MAY have something to do with the lack of personnel at the call centers. I don't know, though, as I am unsure where their offices are located.

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              Oh, so you're saying for the past 2 weeks a hurricane has been desecrating the the eastern coast? Negative ghostrider. I've been calling for, let me reiterate, TWO, (2) (1+1=2) WEEKS. Thanks for playing.


              As for the contract being terminated, YES, that is exactly what I was told. You need to understand that these orders I received were not just some worthless 6 month deployment, I've been in Japan for 3 (THREE) YEARS. I went in there several times and after several phone calls by the rep to the motherland homebase that is Verizon, I was told my contract would be terminated with NO, REPEAT, NO ETF.


              Lastly, I've been told multiple times that the Recovery department is on the West Coast, so you're logic regarding the weak typhoon on the east coast would be flawed again if this is true. (The address I can write to for the RD is based in California...)

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                I did not see that you were calling for 2(TWO) weeks. My mistake as I did not gather this from your post, but I now see it is in there.


                It seems you did not read my post very closely either, because I DID, REPEAT, DID say I was unsure where their offices were located. No problem with the logic there.


                Your initial post DID NOT, REPEAT, DID NOT mention you were to receive SPECIAL NO ETF treatment instead of the normal policies which Verizon has in place for people on deployment. Sorry, didn't know you wanted us to assume facts you do not relate.


                Finally, this forum is not Verizon CS. This is a customer to customer forum and if you want to speak with CS, you will have to get in touch with the non-typhoon west coast Recovery department. That is all, ghostrider!

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                  Glad we're clear on all of that :thumb: