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    Samsung Galaxy  S III Reception issues


      I have had my Samsung Galaxy S III for a little more than one
      week. I really like this phone but is has a big issue with it like many others
      are having.

      The reception is very bad indoors. My Galaxy S3 only gets one
      bar inside any building. I never had a problem like this with other phones. I cannot
      get any 4g inside a building. Only when I am outside. This phone has a big
      reception issue that Samsung and Verizon need to fix. On a scale of 1 to 5 I
      would only rate this phone a 3 1/2. This is a nice phone if the reception issue
      can be fixed.



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          I'm very serious return it to Verizon and get a Motorola phone ASAP.  Razr Maxx HD or one of those.  Do it now before your grace period expires.  Many of us thought it was just us or just our phone or our circumstances and we let our grace period expire and now we're very sorry because we're stuck with this phone that must be within 500' of a cell tower to make or receive calls and texts.  They keep saying it's just a coding issue and it will be resolved but there have been 3 updates now and no change in signal strength.  I love the phone too but the antenna sucks.  As far as I can tell it's a Samsung issue not a Verizon issue.  I have had (3) android phones:  Motorola Droid X, HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Galaxy S3.  The Motorola had by far the best antenna, HTC second and GS3 a distant, distant third.  Take it back.  I'm serious. 

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            Exchange this phone without delay! Don't let your grace period run out as I did! Verizon is well aware of the issues with "no service", poor connections and dropped calls with this device! I ordered one when they were first released, around the middle of July. Right out of the box I couldn't get a signal or connect to wi-fi despite being just a couple of feet from my wireless router. Verizon replaced that phone with a second one which also right out of the box couldn't get a cellular signal or wi-fi connection. My third phone, which I have now still has no signal indoors. I can get maybe one bar outside, but the issue with "dropped" calls is so frustrating that I have friends AND clients who refuse to accept my calls because the quality is so poor!!!! Recently, I had to stand out in the rain just to place my 100th call to technical support!


            I skipped over the fact that getting Verizon customer service to help me was a NIGHTMARE! Getting replacement phones entailed my paying full price on a credit card (other than the one I keep on file with Verizon). Although I personally paid for the  return shipping of the phones so that I could get confirmation of delivery, the accounting department said it would take two to three "billing cycles" before I saw the credit on my account! At one time I had three new phones billed to my credit cards none of which worked!


            Tech support is well aware that this device has connection issues, but wasn't honest enough to tell me this when I first called for support and while it was still under the satisfaction guaranteed grace period. By the way, your grace period starts from when you first receive and activate your phone whether that phone works or not! If the phone doesn't work or needs to be replaced, too bad for you, the clock is ticking. Although on several occasions I was promised that a replacement phone would be sent over night, in fact, it took 12 days before I received phone number two (which also didn't work). By the time I got a third device, I was well over the 14 day trial period even though the situation was well documented that I didn't have a fully functional device AND STILL DON"T! I really believe Verizon deliberately drug their feet so they wouldn't have to honor their satisfaction guarantee because if it were a matter of incompetence, Verizon wouldn't be in business.


            Essentially, every month I am paying for a phone which gets "No Service". If I cancel the phone, I'll get hit with a $350.00 early termination fee. If I trade it in, Verizon has offered me $96, but also made it clear that I am not eligible for an upgrade until 2014 so would have to buy a phone at full retail! I am considering activating my previous device so that I can re-establish phone service (at still greater expense to me).


            I have been a loyal customer of Verizon since they first offered cellular service. I have cooperated fully with their "suggestions" including, but not limited to being patient as Samsung is working on a "fix", exchanging phones, getting new SIM cards, keeping the phone current on updates, installing a network extender, etc. all of which has done NOTHING to improve the situation. I am NOT looking to get out of my CONTRACT! I am wanting a phone with which I can make and receive calls reliably, but I guess this is just too much to ask!  So much for good customer service. It doesn't exist!


            Please send your Galaxy SIII back immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

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              It really amazes me on users reporting reception issues, I admit that the number of bars dont compare to other but this could be software configurations more than device..  I hear that reception is being measured by bars and this isnt how things is with cellphones, I can have one bar and not have any issues making calls or have my call quality drop.


              I have heard reports of this issue but I havent yet experianced a call quality issues, GPS bugs but not call quality and I was able to work that out.  Samsung has always been know to have weaker signal when you compare to other device but if the signal works I dont concern myself with this.


              Now remember no cellphone is guarenteed to work inside every building because of the number of veribles that can effect signal, I have had many device and I own a few now and even with a weak signal I have had better sound and call quality with the S3 than with any of the others.

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                I have never had an issue with my S3 with wifi or cell.

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                  Wildman and Scott - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


                  You're right, bars dont mean a thing, ability to use the phone is what matters.

                  Like the others, I've had three phones and two SIM cards.... All with horrible reception and data to equal dial-up. My phone registers anywhere between 1x and 4 g, and you never know what you're gonna get.

                  There are times when my phone is nothing more than a fancy mp3 player.

                  RETURN IT WHILE YOU CAN.

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                    If the user feels that the device isn't to their expectations they can feel free to return it but on the same note they need to understand this issue doesn't exist for all users.


                    I'm not suggesting that a user overlooks the issue that they are having but simply surprised of the reports, I have went through a number of devices in my years and there is always a number of issues that users reported but out of all of them I think I only recall one or two that had any major issues.


                    I think this is because I acknowledge that no device or software is without flaws and I dont expect perfect because it does not exist, but on the same note I also do not exclude the hundreds of apps that users install on there devices that is developed by different developers could cause issue sometimes with devices.


                    From my research the bugs with Samsung's devices signal is software related, developers have resolved issues like this with software patches and Samsung can do this as well.


                    After all this is a WIRELESS DEVICE that we are talking about not a hard wired landline..

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                      Ok I am returning this phone. If this phone does not have issues
                      then why do I have to be near a window in my home or any other building to make
                      a call? I never had a problem like this with any phone I have ever bought. I
                      really like this phone it works great when you are not inside a building. This
                      phone has some issues that Verizon and Samsung need to fix. I am a very unhappy
                      customer. Lots of people are having the same problem for a phone that costs a
                      lot of money. Sure some people may not have issues but when you spend hundreds
                      of dollars. You expect a phone to work in 4G or 3g Like Verizon and samsung says it will.


                      If I sold my customer products that do not work I would not have a job. It really sucks to

                      read all the great reviews of this phone a (samsung galaxy s3) but it dose not work like it

                      should inside any building that I have been in. When I look at verizon maps I am in a 4g area.

                        Like I said before This phone is awesome when you are outside but really sucks when you

                      are inside any home  or building. I need a phone that works so I do not loose my customers at work.



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                        I understand and get what you are saying but since it works fine outside it seems more like a issue with the location or reception quality in that area, wireless signal isn't equal everywhere.


                        Not all device work well for everyone for one reason or another and it sounds like the S3 simply isn't for you..

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                          Wildman can you explain to my why everyone I work with and all
                          my friends that there Verizon phones ( iPhone, HTC, Motorola)  work and the galaxy 3 supposed
                          to be one of the top of the line phones  does not work very good inside a building.

                          The reception quality in that area is very good. This is a verizon samsung issue with this

                          phone and they should stop selling it untill they fix the issue.

                          Reall sucks to spend big bicks for a phone that does not work . On top odfthat verizon charges

                          you a restocking fee of 35 bucks for a phone that does not work like they say it does.

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