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    Samsung Galaxy note 2 accessories


      I wanted to make a dedicated thread for those looking or have found your GN2 accessories to list them here, and discuss.


      I expect more will be available when the VZW GN2 is released. For now I've been looking over the original Galaxy Note cases and such to see what could be available for the upcoming Note 2. (yes I understand that there is a difference between the original Note and the Note 2.)


      shopandroid.com seems to have quite a bit of stuff  along with a few others.


      I'm currently using the Droid Razr Maxx and only have a screen protector on it.


      Are you going to use the flip case from Samsung? Maybe a leather pouch? Or a front and back case?


      I would be interested to know what others are currently using, and what you're looking at for your GN2 when it arrives.


      This looks interesting



      aftermarket flip case


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