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    Text messages on a canceled phone?


      i still get txt messages also on my phone that has been cancelled after a month of not paying for it will it reflect on my next billing account ?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hey there cecyy1199!

          So you received a text on a phone that was disconnected? That's pretty strange. I can certainly answer your question today!

          If you officially disconnected your line, you will not be charged for any texts on that line of service. The reason that it may have gotten the message is because the network accidentally sent it to that phone. Your old number is still programmed into your device, so it may receive something meant to go to the other new device. I would recommend erasing the programming in the phone if you were still planning on using the phone for an alarm or anything else. Please let us know what device you have so we may assist with that.


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