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    Network Extender and Time Warner Cable


      I recently purchased a Verizon Wireless Network Extender due to the fact I either have one bar or no service at all. 


      The problem is that after talking with Verizon, Time Warner and Samsung I did not get any help getting it to work.  From what I gather the network extender will not work with the Time Warner cable modem/router. 


      Has anyone else had this problem?  How can I solve it?  I feel that Verizon has washed their hands of it. 

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          I have time warner and use their modem with my network extender and it works just fine. Doubt its your modem or time warner. I have the same samsung network extender provided by verizon. In the initial setup it takes about a good 15 min to start running. Did you try attaching the additional cable gps wire they provided you? because as stated in the manual, there are places which dont receive good gps signal and you need to get gps signal for the extender to operate correctly. So if you havent, then attach the gps external antenna cable ( i dont remember if it attaches to the affixed antenna or the slot on top back where it opens) and put the receiver outside your window or near a window to get better reception. Hope this helps.