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    trouble with text messages


      I am having an issue with receiving all of my text messages and phone calls. I sent a text message to my boyfriend this morning and he responded but i never received it. A friend told me that he texted me this weekend and i never received it is there something going on with my phone or with the towers in my area.


      please help this is very frustrating


      thank you


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          We are having what sounds like the same problem.  I text my son today & he isn't receiving them.  He does get my calls.  I do receive his texts.  what is going on?

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello to you Msbdjones!

            Text messages have become such an important part of our everyday lives & I don't want you to miss a beat! Let's get your fingers and thumbs typing again!

            You mentioned two different difficulties, issues not receiving text messages and sometimes also not receiving phone calls.

            Do you notice this happening while you're in a specific location? What zip code are you located in?

            Please try dialing *228-call and choose option 1 to reprogram your phone.

            Report back with the information above so we can fix this up!


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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi wrestlersmom!

              I want your son to receive your text messages! My daughter is away in college and text messages certainly keep us in touch, I can really feel your pain!
              Do you both have iPhones? If so, are you both using iMessage? iMessages are transported using data network and Apple servers and if a data issue occurs some messages may not be succesful or delivered in a timely manner. I recommend disabling iMessage on both devices and test sending regular text messages as they are sent/received one hundred percent on our network. I also recommend reprogramming you phones by dialing *228>send>option1>power off/on at end of call. Keep us posted.

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                I too am having a similar issue, I receive text messages from some people but not all of them. I send text messages and they receive them. My problem started last night, and I called tech support they had me reset the network, still did not work. I did a complete reset on my phone, still did not receive messages from the same individuals. Then I was not receiving phone calls, when someone called my number it said it was no longer in service, yet I could make calls. I went to a verizon store and they did a "soft reset" and then updated the roaming which seems to have resolved the calling issue but has not resolved the texting issue. Is there some issue with the iPhone 4s and the software?

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                  i am having troubles with my imessages i can send regular sms messages to my gf who also has an iphone but different carrier but for some reason today imessages started acting up so im not sure whats going on hopefully this issue can be resloved soon

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Cwbyscootr, thanks for posting. Are you still having issues with your text messaging? Are you using iMessage? Have you tried to enable and disable it? What software version are you running?^SP