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    Using USB to charge only


      Prior to update I had an option when plugging phone into my computer to use the USB for charging only.  Now it appears that option has been removed.  Anyone see the option?  All I'm getting is for options now is Mass storage, Media Devise (MTP) and Camera (PTP).  I felt save plugging in my phone at work to charge but now that I can't choose charging only I'm concerned that if my phone gets a virus I would share it with our computer network. 

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I want you to have as many charging options as possible LynnDaniel! Although the Droid Bionic will still charge via the usb connector after the update, it is not the most efficient option. If you click back to your home screen after you connect, the handset will indicate "charging" and a percentage. The charging option via usb is a much slower, trickle charge. We recommend using a desktop or car charger as the most efficient options.


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            While charging may be slow  - slow is better than nothing.  What was the logic in removing this function?  As noted by many on the website sometimes you are not allowed to mount a drive to a work computer.  Getting a second charger for work is not a good option as outlets are limited so that is not really an option. 

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              Unless the Bionic is different the option is not removed.



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                After the update from a few weeks ago My setting options now read:

                Wireless & Network

                • Airplane Mode
                • Wi-Fi
                • BlueTooth
                • Tethering & Mobil Hotspot
                • Data Usage


                • Sound
                • Display
                • Storage
                • Battery
                • Apps


                • Accounts & Sync
                • Backup Assistant + Contacts
                • Device Set-up
                • Location Services
                • Security & screen lock
                • Language & input
                • Privacy


                • Date & Time
                • Printer setting
                • Accessibility
                • Developer Options
                • About Phone


                When I plug in phone I do get a icon to look at the USB options but that no longer contains the option for charging only.


                There also to be other threads on this site that do in fact indicate that the option for USB charging was removed with the update.

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                  Yes, the option to 'charge only' was removed from the Bionic when plugging in your USB cable, because, as the Verizon rep pointed out, Motorola prefers that you charge via a wall charger or car charger.  The phone will charge whether you choose mass storage, MTP, or PTP, but if you are uncomfortable plugging your Bionic into your work computer and you don't have an extra outlet at your office, you may want to look into a Motorola power pack.

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                    Yep, phones can have different menus and the one for 'connectivity' isn't on a Bionic with ICS.

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                      The question is why would Verizon care if my phone charged slowly?  Honestly since I was not using the phone just charging I did not noticed that it took any longer to charge thru my computer.  Overall all this is just a lousy update to the software.  I can't get my calendar to hold to the month view.  My recent call list does not properly connect to the number when you try to call.  The phone is only a year old and it is now less functional then when I got it.  Also some areas where I had 4G service before now I do not. 

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                        It's not a question of USB charging being slow and as far as I know, it's not a Verizon decision ... Motorola prefers wall/car charging because USB charging doesn't always have the proper amperage/voltage that smartphones require, thus not charging efficiently.  And like I said, it will still charge your phone via USB regardless of which of the three USB connections you choose.


                        If you are still having issues after the update, have you cleared your system cache and/or done a factory reset?  One (or sometimes both) are often required after this major of an update to clear out any remaining code from the previous OS.

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                          I know the phone will still charge the problem is when it is plug in it auto connects the phone as a drive allowing transfer of data between my phone and my office computer which is not appreciated.  In prior system I could tell it not to connect the drives.  Now I cannot.


                          As for clearing cache or reset no I have not done so.  I have no idea as to how to clear the cache.  I pretty sure the back-up function has never worked on the phone as it always indicates I need to connect to the internet prior to having the back-up run and I don't leave my phone connected to the internet.  When I do try to connect to the internet to force a back-up it fails. Honestly I have less than 50 contacts, my calendar, some pictures/video take with the phone.  Mostly nothing I worried about backing up but I don't necessarily want to loose.  I could try moving all of the pictures/video off the phone but when I tried that it also would not work and I have not had a couple of days off to fight with the system to make it work.  At this point I'm paying way too much money for time/data I never use and knowing that I may need to regularily loose all data to reset to factory settings and then go thru the whole update process again in hopes that it works really make me wonder if I should find another carrier when my contract is up. 

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