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    LG Lucid keeps restarting?? help!!


      i have had this phone for about 2 months. recently it has started to restart every minute or so after turning it on. i cant use the phone now for more then 30 seconds after it powers up. i dont understand what the problem is. i have restored it back to factory settings and i have even tried it in safe mode. i Do use the phone alot and the battery life on it is horrible. maybe 3-5 hours without a charge. but could that be the issue, that i need a new battery. i dont know thou because it powers on. i figure if it was the battery it would just not turn on at all. HELP! this is really frustrating.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello to you Kcholzmacher!

          Let's get you out of this rebooting cycle! Help is here! You have done so much troubleshooting and I really, really appreciate it!

          Safe mode & hard resets are important to ensure it's not any glitches or applications causing the difficulties.

          After you reset your phone did you add any applications back to the phone? More specifically any Task Killers, Battery Savers, or Antiviruses? These applications are known to cause system issues like reboots! If so, uninstall them and reboot.

          If not, it may be the phone or battery as you mentioned. Is there any physical or water damage? If not we can replace under warranty!

          Let me know.


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            I was trying to get some help similar to this one.

            I have my daughter's Lucid which may have been in steamy bathroom .anyway it is in a looping boot mode and can't stop it we all have same phones on my account. trying to resolve this one now. can you halp


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              Yeah keeping a phone is a hot wet environment is not very smart. If the phone issues is due to moisture your warranty won't cover that.


              Shut off the phone remove the sim and battery. reinsert sim and battery then restart. If that doesn't work you might need to do a hard reset or you may just need a new sim card.