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    how to unlock iPhone 5


      Can Verizon unlock my iPhone 5? I just got my iPhone 5 this passed Friday and I was going to send it back because I decided I didn't want it anymore but after asking a Verizon representative if there's some way I can keep it, he suggested that I just pay the early termination fee (since an earlier representative already cancelled the service on it) because it would be cheaper than just returning it and buying it full priced. I will be getting the bill in a few days so if I decide to still return it if the bill is too much, I can. Anyways, if I do what he says, would Verizon be able to unlock it for me?

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          Unlock it for what use? The iPhone 5 comes already unlocked in a sense, in that if you purchase it from Verizon, you can insert a SIM card from a different country and use it internationally with that SIM card. I believe you can even use it within the US with a foreign SIM card, but you would be paying a much higher rate than if you were on a plan with Verizon.


          You cannot, however, use it with an AT&T or Sprint SIM from the US. iPhone 5's purchased in the US are locked to the carrier for which it was purchased and you are stuck with that carrier.

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            The Verizon iphone 5 is factory unlocked for GSM services. You can use the phone within any other GSM network within th US or internationally even though you should be aware that LTE won't work within the US since the Verizon iphone uses other frequencies.



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              The link you have supplied states only about internationally roaming, NOT within the US.


              Apples website, which is currently down due to the press conference announcement later today otherwise I would provide a link, states that the US iPhone you purchase will be locked to the carrier of your choice within the US. When the website comes up later today, I will provide the link.

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                Fortunately the information on Apple's website is wrong, it has been verified by a lot of different sources including Verizon.



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                  Where has it been verified by Verizon? I actually asked a representative (a couple, in fact) about all these articles and they all say that it is not. I'm afraid to open it only to find out that it is not really unlocked and that those articles are just for publicity. How many Verizon iPhone 5 owners can verify that this is true and have actually tried to see if it can be used with gsm carriers here? Keep in mind that I just got my iPhone a few days ago so it might just depend on what model you were sent.

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                    Out of curiosity, if it is so important to be compatible with GSM carriers within the US, why not just get one from AT&T?

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                      Because Sprint,Verizon and AT&T are too expensive. Right now I am only paying $60 a month for my Sprint iPhone 4s on T-mobile. I want to use this Verizon iPhone 5 on T-mobile as well.

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                        I would then suggest returning the phone to Verizon and get one from AT&T. The T-Mobile website says you can use an unlocked AT&T iPhone on their network or you could go with just an unlocked iPhone directly from Apple. It does not say the same about Verizon.

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                          I think the issue with your suggestion for those that want to use the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile is the fact that to date, Apple isn't selling a true unlocked iPhone 5 yet like they do with the 4s. That may be why some people are trying to truly verify if it's true that the VZW iPhone 5 is gsm unlocked or not...because if it were then you should be able to use it on T-Mobile (although you wouldn't get the full benefit of the device...such as LTE or even the 4G if I am not mistaken)...

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