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    Cannot download apps to my Incredible!


      I cannot download apps to my daughter's Incredible.  This started just after the infamous 2.3.4 upgrade.  She cannot download apps directly from the Google App Store (the app can't be downloaded to the phone), via the Internet by going directly to the developers' websites, or by plugging the device into the computer via the USB cable.  The Internet works because she can access Twitter and Facebook by going directly to their websites.  Also, the phone crashes ~1-2 times a week so she has to do a hard reset on the device.  However, she have never experienced the infamous 2 am reboot loop.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Does anyone have advice?  This is extremely frustrating!

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          Go into your setting --> follow to Applications open then go to the Playstore or it might still be Market on your phone and when you get to the App enter then clear the cache and the Data and then Power the phone off if that does not work then bo back and Un-Install the App and then power off the Device. Once you do that go into your app Drawer find the Market or Playstore and Tap on it) You'll have to Except the Terms and once that is done it should be up n running for ya.. Let me know if worked or Not.. Good Luck b33

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            Thanks for the reply but the application is not loaded on the phone - that is part of the problem.  We cannot download that app or any other app.  As mentioned above, the phone crashes so we have to do a factory reset ~once a week which should bring everything to reasonable starting position.  Maybe we're not doing the reset properly?

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              Prior to the software update were there any 3rd party apps downloaded on your device? You can try running your phone in safe mode to see if an app my be causing your device to crash http://bit.ly/p5eed2. In addition here are the steps you can take to successfully master reset your device http://bit.ly/oOaRQt.

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