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    Old Droid 2 Global for prepaid data plan?


      I have an old Droid 2 global I currently use strictly for entertainment and wifi that was previously used in a family plan. I now only use prepaid plans to save money. I very rarely make/receive calls and texts so I use a cheap prepaid phone just for calls, but am frequently using the droid for entertainment when im out and about. Question is, can I convert the D2G to use one of Verizons data only prepaid plans, such as the 1gb $20/mo plan? Id like to stop relying on hotspots and even more would like to be able to use it as a gps. I still have the old SIM card. I tried getting the tablet plans but cant seem to find a way to get the plan without buying a tablet. Knowing Verizon this probably isnt possible... Thanks.