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    Problem with porting


      I received my Android in June, 2012.  When my contract ended with previous wireless company, I had my number "ported".  Since the number was changed, I cannot send or receive texts nor will it sync with my Kia.  A "new" phone was shipped to me, but I do no believe there is not a problem with the phone, since it was working perfectly before the port.  Also, I have to enter passwords to gmail, and google several times before I can get in.  Has anyone else had a problem like this.  What can I do besides go with another company and eat the cost of the contract?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi horserider13,

          I don't want you tp go elsewhere for service so I do appreciate you reaching out for assistance. When was the number ported to Verizon? It generally takes 72 hours after the completion of the port for all messaging to work. Had that timeframe been exceeded when this post was done? Are there other bluetooth's available to test other than the Kia? This will help us determine if it may be a coincidence that the number and the trouble started at the same time. We haven't experienced customers stating issues with the Gmail requesting password multiple times. I encourage you to activate the replacement device and keep us posted to the experience with that handset.

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            It was ported last Thursday.  I called customer service yesterday and after turning the Droid off, taking the sim card out, and customer service refreshing 3 times, I can now send and receive texts.  Customer service....go team. She did better than your IT people.  I knew it was not a problem with the phone.......just the porting.  I will return the replacement when I get back home from the beach.




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