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    Trouble Receiving Sms Pictures


      I seem to have trouble receiving pictures from 2 people out of my entire contacts list. One user has an iPhone on Verizon and the other has a basic phone on AT&T. Normally picture messages just show up in my conversations - I don't need to click "Download" they're just right there in the window. However, with 2 people in particular I don't get the message. If they send text and a picture, I'll get the text but no picture. I feel like this is a problem that is not being caused by my phone. I have tried the Stock SMS, Handcent SMS and Go SMS Pro and all exhibit the same problem but again only with these 2 people. I have also verified they are sending pictures in the correct manor from their end. Any thoughts?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          @DragonArcher - I can see how that can be bothersome! Out of curiosity, do you have Auto Retrieve deactivated under the settings menu for the default text messaging app? (Tap Messaging > Tap the menu key > Select Settings > Uncheck Auto Retrieve) I ask this as you mentioned that you get the option to download the photo, as opposed to the picture just appearing in the window. This is a solution that helps retrieve all photos when your cell doesn't automatically retrieve and display the picture received from other users. Do you get all the photos that way?

          When you mentioned that the other users send their messages correctly, do you mean that they add the photo first, and then add a text message, or do they add text first, and then the picture?

          Let us know as we'd like to assist if you have not yet found a resolution. Thank you for your time, DragonArcher. We look forward to hearing from you.

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            Usually, what happens when I receive pictures is that they ALWAYS display automatically. I've never had to click on anything to download the picture. The issue is that when only 2 people of my contacts list send the message, their phones say the message is sent but I receive nothing at all. No message, no notification, no 'download picture' just plain nothing. It's as if no message was ever sent in the first place.


            Secondly, when I'm mentioning they are sending correctly, they add the picture right in to the text conversation and send it. This would usually just pop the picture right into my text conversation as well. This worked with my Droid X. Since I got my GS3, I have had this issue with 2 people only. I can have one of them send me a picture, and then have a third person send the same thing and I'll get it fully opened and displayed in my window from user 3, but never the 2 exhibiting this issue. I know this is crazy but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem with just particular users. As I said, one user is verizon and another is AT&T so I can't nail it down exactly. I have now also tried the stock messaging app, handcent sms and GO SMS pro - all with the same problem.

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              when tap "message" app, nothing show as you mentioned "menu key".  only messages from people.  I also have problem with text message with pics.  I have Samsung Galaxy III and consider return it (just purchased 3 days ago).  when the text message came, it showed the message with 30K, and the button "download".  I touched that, then it "downloading".  After that...I still see the message with "30 K"...and the "download" button.  No picture.  when it down load picture, where would the picture goes?



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                I did as you suggested:  (Tap Messaging > Tap the menu key > Select Settings > Uncheck Auto Retrieve)

                then click the "download" button, it showed "downloading", after awhile, the button "download" reappeared.  No picture!!

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi DragonArcher! I would like to take a deeper look into this if still a concern. Please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message for further assistance.

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                    I finally figured it out after messing with it for quite some time. While using GO SMS Pro there is a check box for "Stock messaging app uninstalled." It says to check that if you are getting duplicate notifications for new text messages. I believe I checked that at one point.


                    After that, once I realized there was a problem, I couldn't locate the stock SMS messaging settings. They must have been hidden by GO SMS. Once I uninstalled GO SMS to try something else I must have permanently ruined my install. All I ended up doing was backing up the phone, blowing it away entirely. Making sure "Auto Retrieve" was turned on in Stock SMS and then installing GO SMS and making sure NOT to check "stock messaging app uninstalled." It has been working fine since. I wanted to post this in case someone else ends up with the exact same issue some day.


                    Thank you,