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    Outgoing 0000000000 calls.


      I am reviewing my current phone bill. I see several calls to number 0000000000 with a description of "operator." I have traced all of these to the call log on my phone. They are outgoing calls all to one contact. I know this contact has a verizon number, but I am being charged for peak minutes. I also noticed that not all of my calls to this person come up this way. Some appear as normal calls listing the contacts number and area. There is another phone on my plan which also has several "operator 0000000000" calls in the detailed usage section of my bill as well. I have read in other posts that these are restricted calls, yet, to my knowledge, I am not dialing out restricted and I have confirmed that the contact I am calling does not have a restricted number. Can anyone please help me with this.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


          That's really weird but don't worry because I'm here to help.

          What model phone do you have? Usually when all zero appear in the usage it is for data calls but I would need to access your account to further investigate.

          Please send me a direct message with your name and mobile number so I can review the account.

          I look forward to hearing from you.

          John B

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            I was going to make a new contact about this same issue when I thought that I would check out here to see if this was something that had already been discussed.

            Three of my shared lines have this same entry 13 times for 3 different brands and models of phones.

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              Any outcome or resolution? I too have been experiencing this on my account.

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                I am having the same problem with my account, and I know for a fact that 2 0f the 3 lines did not call the operator.

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                  I contacted customer service at Verizon and was originally told that I was reading my statement incorrectly and that these minutes were not being charged against my plan allowance. After looking at my statement again and seeing that these minutes were indeed being counted against me I called back. I was told that I have an unexplained billing problem that required opening of a ticket. The technician confirmed that my 000-000-0000 calls were indeed verizon to verizon and should not be counting against my allowance. I was told I would be contacted in 24-48 hours and that this problem would be resolved. After not hearing anything for 4 days, I called Verizon "customer service" back. I was told by a different individual that the ticket was closed and was noted that I was informed of this status a day after my second call. I never received this call. I was told by this new individual that I would be contacted within 24 hours by the person managing my ticket. It has been another 4 days, and I am still yet to hear from Verizon. I plan to call back again today.

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                    I spoke to a customer service rep last night that informed me this is an elevated issue. Reps are unable to do anything about the problem currently and are advised to ask customers to be patient while Verizon figures out the solution. All minutes are supposed to self correct when they get it figured out. The rep also informed me that they are being told to also make sure that everyone on the plan re programs their phone (*228 1). So, I currently if you have this issue you are unable to track minutes and know the correct usage amount.

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                      keithhhs79 wrote:


                      The rep also informed me that they are being told to also make sure that everyone on the plan re programs their phone (*228 1).

                      Not if you have a 4G LTE phone; programming is handled through the SIM card.  Once the issue is resolved, those subscribers would need to reboot their phones rather than dial *228.

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                        I have found out I have this issue too and called technical support and they didn't even know this was happening.. Someone has hacked into your computer system taken people numbers and is now charging up their minutes.. The rep said that I was making the phone calls and that it was restricted numbers I was calling.. I said I would walk into the verizon store and show them my call log and prove that I was not making the calls.  I told him to look back at my history and I have never used this many mintues before.  As I looked thru the calls some of them dont even make sense because I was on the phone when they were occuring.  Please someone figure this out before the OPERATOR uses up all my minutes!!!!  He said they would credit back the mintues but I do not believe them.

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                          I'm having the same problem but just called customer service before i seen this and they just sold me more minutes because i was over and stated i was calling 800 numbers no matter what i said they did not listen to me.

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