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    Transfer Phone Upgrade From Different ACCOUNT?


      Hi all,


      As the thread title asks, here is my scenario. My family account is eligible for an upgrade in December. My girlfriends account, completely different account than mine, is eligible for an upgrade right now. I want to use this upgrade, but every time I ask the Verizon staff they said it's impossible to transfer from another account.


      I know this is false because upon the iPhone 4 releasing, my mom and her best friend went into Verizon and they did it for them. Transferred one of our early upgrades to her friend's account and they both walked out with iPhone 4's.


      I just wanted clarification on this and some advice, do you guys know if this is possible? Did the rep just do something they weren't supposed to do when they upgraded my mom's friend to begin with? Any advice on how to word it so I can use my girlfriend's upgrade on my account?


      Thanks in advance,