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    Can I use someone else's upgrade?


      My friend's upgrade is coming soon.  I upgraded a few months to the Galaxy III but I REALLY want the Note.  My old phone died so I was forced to upgrade early.  I would swap him my Galaxy for the Note.  Can I use his upgrade without either of us getting penalized?  Does he have to register the ESN on his account first?  How long should it be on his account before I can switch it to mine?

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          Hi ICKA,

          I know the thought of keeping a phone you're unhappy with for two-years can make you cringe. I don't want you to ever feel that way about a phone you have. Your friend can definitely order an upgrade to any device they or you want. I can assume they're on a different account so I encourage you to check the SIM Card capabilities to confirm if they're the same size SIM. If they are, once your friend's new phone is activated to their number, you can just swap equipment, input your own SIM and that will finalize the transfer. This can be done same day the phone is activated.

          Since the equipments would be going from one account to another, the one year free warranty would be void. This is the only "penalty" incurred for swapping phones. Let us know if you have any other questions.

          Thank you,
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