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    No LG Optimus G for Verizon??????


      I would LOVE to know why Verizon is one of the ONLY US Carriers that will not be carrying the LG Optimus G or a version of it. I believe this to be an extremely foolish move considering how powerful this phone is. Honestly, given the selection of new phones on Verizon and my upgrade period coming up, I am seriously considering the option of changing carriers. I have been following this phone for a little while and it seemed, from what I was reading, that Verizon would be picking it up. Now that it appears they are not, I feel I may have no alternative. The recently released phones on Verizon are lackluster, at best. Please Please Please, Verizon, reconsider.... I'd love to just stay with you, but you're forcing my hand here. I just want to know why are you not taking this phone on???

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          Not every carrier will get every phone, and someone makes a post exactly like this for every new high-end phone.

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            So then are you confirming that Verizon has no intention of getting the LG Optimus G E970? Can I purchase the phone from Sprint and flash it over to Verizon without losing any of the phones installed programs? Verizon should consider this phone again for there customers.

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              Well, VZW has been in possession of the ICS upgrade for the Spectrum since July, but has not pushed the update OTA to its customers... Now why is that? VZW isn't selling the VS930 either. Interesting stuff.

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                Can't confirm something I don't know. And no, you can't flash over a Sprint phone, they operate on different frequencies.

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                  And everybody loves a good troll.

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                    Demmo86rt. I hope you weren't referring to me as a troll. I have shown you nothing but respect, and I have not violated the terms of service agreement with my postings. I am also dedicated to helping many owners of many different devices on the VZW network should anyone look at the entirety of my posts.


                    If you were implying I am a troll, that would be very sad commentary for your otherwise balanced and helpful posts.


                    It is also interesting that the Lucid, a three month newer phone is receiving an update, while Spectrum owners are still waiting.


                    Interesting stuff indeed.

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                      Your post was completely off topic and only served to, one again, remind everybody of your beef with Verizon.

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                        Actually, being very logical, the timing doesn't make much sense.


                        The beef (I prefer issues, exceptions, problems, concerns) people have been articulating with updates is rather legit, and it's not specific to LG (I know this), although circumstances for the LG Spectrum in particular were unique, and some people coordinating all of this and marketing this, seem to have made mistakes and they should learn from them.


                        Now I'm pleased to see there FINALLY being movement to deploy the updates to both the Lucid and the Spectrum, but it is also very interesting that a phone announced some time ago hasn't made it to VZW, and in addition, LG's flagship device which has superior specs and performance to all other devices (I think I have that correct) hasn't been introduced on VZW.


                        You I suspect are in a position to have better perspective for sure.


                        I'm merely working for some customer advocacy, which quite frankly is due to brand loyalists. I would appreciate it if you continued to help where you could rather than shooting someone that is sticking up for himself and others. The lifecycle of these devices could be and should be managed in a much more customer-centric manner on the number one cellular network. I'm confident of that, and that's my position, plain and simple.


                        The stuff going on behind the scenes is very interesting, but since there's no transparency, we are merely left to speculate. Should you choose to educate, there are plenty of people that are all ears.

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                          I heard this same thing a year ago when everybody was screaming because Verizon wasn't getting the SGS2, Samsung's flagship at the time, only to find out they had an exclusive on the GNex. On the 29th, Google (probably) will announce the next Nexus(es), one of which (again, probably) will be based on the Optimus G.  Another exclusive?  Who knows?  But I stick to my original statement, not every phone comes to every carrier.

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