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    Upgrade Fee


      I am having the same issue as a lot of other posts I see. I recieved an email from Verizon stating I was eligble for a "free" upgrade. I decided to upgrade, went to the nearest store inquired about my "free" upgrade. Was told i indeed was eligble for a  "free" upgrade. Now when i get my bill i have a $30.00 upgrade fee. REALLY????? I called the store thinking there must have been some mistake, and was told no that was correct everyone has to pay an upgrade fee!!! I feel that this is false advertising and plain out lying when the customer directly ask these kind of quetions!!! Anyone else got any ideas on straightening out this issue or should this just be reported to the BBB????????????

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          You can report it to whomever you would like. Verizon has a $30 upgrade fee when you accept a subsidy on the purchase of a phone. If the subsidy brings the phone down to being a free phone, you will still have the $30 upgrade fee.

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            Go ahead and report that, it will get you nowhere. The upgrade fee was announced over 6 months ago. It made the major news. Also I'm 100% sure not only did the rep informed you of such fee, but even if they didn't the fee was clearly stated in the paperwork you signed when you upgraded your phone. Maybe next time try READING what you sign. At the end of the day you got a phone worth at least $300, maybe much more, for $30 and somehow you think you got ripped off?

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              There's really nothing to straighten out.  Corporations use words to their advantage.  The cost of the phone is $0 (if you sign a two-year service contract).  The upgrade fee is separate from the price of the phone.  If I walked in and paid $649 for a 16GB iPhone5, I wouldn't have to pay the $30 upgrade fee, because I didn't upgrade.


              It's no different from joining BJ's or Costco.  The price on the shelf is the price of the product.  The shelf price doesn't show the price of the product and the price of the membership fee even though in order to get that price, you must pay the membership fee.  Looking at the popularity of those "wholesale" clubs, no wonder the carriers tried to jump in on that action.

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                i got two free up grades an cost me 60.00 dallars when i called them they said they would drop one cause they just started 2 mouths ago i did a two year tearm with them an no where in the contract is there a 30.00 dallor fee to up grade  for a free phone an yes i will report them .  

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                  regarding the upgrade fee,i think that's absolutely a robery plain and simple,lets think about this???i have to pay a 30 dollars upgrade fee,since i've been a customer for 8 years with verizon i'm buying a phone sign up for a 2 year data plan,and still getting a 30 dollars upgrade fee,to me that's a rip off plain and siple must have been the CEO of verizon making millions of dollars a year to come up with this idea...

                  I say everyone should boycot verizn that's not fair ,that's not right, that's just greed,plain and simple...

                  What's next we have to pay an upgrade fee to buy a  car??? or maybe an upgrade fee on a house and so on and so forth,cell phone service it's the new cable service???it used to be for cable back in the day 12.00 dollars,now it's 200 dollars,cell phone service it's going the same way.

                  Everyone shouldn't not upgrade they phones  and call verizon and complain about this,contact y0our friends and family do not do it....

                  I know i'm not and if every wireless company is doing the same,i'll find an alternative,maybe buying those phones that you charge on a monthly basis...

                  One word for verizon,GREED,GREED,GREED,GREED......

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                    (Deleted duplicate post, same information already posted by this user on this link:https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/785512)


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                      momassa wrote:


                      What's next we have to pay an upgrade fee to buy a  car???

                      Have you bought a new car lately? There is plenty of "upgrade" fees there between dealer charges, Governments hand in the deal, and of course the upgrade depreciation fee of just driving the thing off the lot.

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                        momassa wrote:



                        One word for verizon,GREED,GREED,GREED,GREED......


                        Looks like four words to me! 

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                          I am confused. In every single advertisement that I have seen about an upgrade through Verizon Wireless, there always seems to be a small section (usually at the bottom of it) that indicates there would be an upgrade fee. Aside from this point, back in the March-April time period, I couldn't get away from the dozens of news stories indicating that VZW was going to be getting an upgrade fee.


                          I have heard many make the case that it is absurd to hold someone to the terms listed in the fine print of the advertisement, but these are the same disclaimers that inform disappointed children that their Barbies would not talk and the Lego star ships do not fly on their own.

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