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    How to remove password for voice mail.


      I used to have a Droid 2. When I set password to lock the smartphone, it locked the voice mail too. I had to key in the same password everytime I retrieved voice mail. Don't ask me why. I have been doing that ever since. Yesterday, I upgraded to Razr Maxx and start to use the pattern and face recognition to unlock the phone. However, I still have to use the same old password to get access to voice mail. I reall don't want a password for the voice mail. It is becoming very annoying. Any solution? Thanks.

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          I believe a password is required for checking your voicemail. Do you use the basic voicemail or visual voicemail?

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            basic voicemail.

            I browsed internet after I posted the question. I came across a way to get around. after the usual *86 (to access voicemail) add , (means pause for 2 seconds) then key in password followed by #   In that way, the password will be automatically keyed in each time you access voicemail. I tried and it really works.

            However, it won't let me replace the speed dial 1 with this new number and I have to assign another speed dial number to it (that means the default speed dial 1 is useless to me now). Having said that, I am still very happy that I no longer need to key in password for voicemail anymore. Thanks a bunch.