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    Fraudulent charges


      When I ordered two phones from VZW online, the invoice said the voice plan monthly charge would be $36.80/mo.  

      It also stated that the two $35 one time activation fee would be charged then credited on the first bill.  


      The first bill arrived, and the voice plan charge was $50 plus a pro-rated $24.19 for 15/31 days.  ($19.58 overcharge)

      The $35 activation appeared for each phone, but there was no credit.   ($70 overcharge)


      I called customer service, they stated that my discounted plan rate may take several billing cycles to take effect, and the overcharges would be corrected.

      The discount has since been applied to the voice plan rate, but there was has been no credit for the activation fee, or for the overcharge for voice plan from the first bill. 


      Now, six billing cycles later, I contacted VZW regarding correcting the $89.58 overcharge from the first bill.

      They offered to reimburse $16.32 of the $19.58 overcharge for the voice plan on the first bill, but refused to credit the two activation fees.


      They said that the line in my invoice that stated the activation fee would be charged and credited was an error, and did not apply to my plan.


      I'm pretty sure that I can refute the charges through my credit card company given that the monthly billing rate, and the activation credit was spelled out in the bill at the time that I placed the order.   I'm wondering if I should just handle this through my credit card company, or if I should be contacting the BBB or Attorney General to help stop this type of fraudulent activity.