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    How can I stop forwarding email messages to my message folder on Blackberry Curve


      I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphone. I'm new to these kinds of phones, and on my last bill there was an additional $14 charge for data, even though I have an unlimited data plan, so my assumption is that I went over my allotment of 250 text messages. Only I haven't actually sent any formal text messages, so I realized with horror that all the emails that were being forwarded to my message folder must be counted as text messages. I had no idea, and I'd like to change this.


      I have a yahoo mail account, and I'd like to stil be able to access the mail on my phone without having duplicate messages sent to my message folder. When I searched the help options on the phone, it made it sound like this was simple, and in order to stop forwarding email messages to the handheld device I just had to go to options- email settings- and select 'send email to handheld' field to no. Only under email settings there is no such option! So what do I do? Help!