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    Backup Assistant for the S3


      Hi, I have the S3 16 gb Blue....and the back assistant fails pretty much every night. There is plenty of data storage for this to work especially now that I turned off synching up everything that was selected but it still fails to sync my music. I dont understand this. I didnt have this issue with my Droid X. Any suggestions?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Phoenix,

          Oh wow! The Galaxy S3 is a fantastic phone. I know how annoying it can be when an application is not working properly.
          Well, I am here to help my friend. Let's clear cache for "Sync service"  and "Backup Assistant Plus" from Settings -> Application Manager. Once cleared, reboot the device.
          When the device powers back on, please re-sync Backup Assistant Plus. Keep me posted!

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            I tried this for my galaxy s3 and it did not work. I tried pushing the sync via backup assistant website but was again unsuccessful. I get several different error codes including "error code 8", or "incorrect parameters". What are other options?

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              I am having the same problem.  I have several files that have failed.  A Verizon Tech Rep tried to stop the app, clear the cache, and restart the phone.  This did not help.  My contacts "backup" fine, but videos/music/photos are hit-or-miss.  Some backup fine, some get skipped, and some fail.  The only remaining option I was given was to do a factory reset.  I really do not want to do this and have to start over.  I have also had other problems with the gallery crashing, very slow performance, and low signal strength for voice.  Could these all be signs of a bad chip or board?  The Rep also said that there are many towers all around my home, yet I only get 2 bars at home.  Any thoughts?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                Keeping your contacts backed up is definitely important. I'd be lost without them so I understand your concern.

                Let's try Clear cache for "Sync service" from Settings -> Application Manager > Select the Backup Assistant > Clear Cache.

                Keep me posted if you are still unable to sync your contacts after the above suggestion.

                John B

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                  I just got my SIII and my Backup failed the very first night. There is nothing in the "cache" to even clear. I have read everyone's posts, and nothing works. This is clearly an issue with the service itself. Please fix it! It worked fine on my Droid.

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                    BA+ does not play well with some Android devices, I only use Google to sync my contacts and apps data flawlessly.



                    • Clear cache for "Sync service"  and "Backup Assistant Plus" from Settings -> Application Manager. Once cleared, reboot the device.

                    At this point everything should be synced with Google...

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                      I also own an galaxy SIII  and I've tried the suggestion above, because like most people on this forum i keep getting errorcodes when the backup assistant plus tries to sync, but nothing worked. I've received a number of errorcodes; 3, 8, server is busy handling other request, and incorrect parameters. Is there an update than can rectify this issue? It seems clearing the cache isn't the answer.

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                        I have the Galaxy S3 16 gb as well, and Backup Assistant Plus has never worked. At first, all I got was error messages. Then, after changing some of the online settings it actually transferred some small amount of data, perhaps part of one file, and then errored out. That's where I am now: it always fails. And no, the "clear cache for Sync Service" and "Backup Assistant Plus" advice does not work; like the others in this thread, I have no data in the cache and have never had any data in the cache. There is clearly a problem with the combination of BAP and the Galaxy S3.


                        Verizon Support Staff: Please escalate this issue with the software team. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is extremely annoying to wake up every day to an error message, and it is frustrating to know that I can't stop the application, which chugs on, day after day, using up CPU cycles but doing absolutely nothing useful.

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                          I just found Samsung Cloud on my phone. Either it was there all along and I hadn't noticed it or it was part of the Jelly Bean update. Either way, I set it up and it backed everything up on the first try. Setting it up was as simple as possible -- agree to various terms, supply an email account, user name and password, verify your account online, and go. No errors, no long waits; it synced everything immediately. This is how BAP should work.

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