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    samsung galaxy Slll


      I am having trouble with notifications still appearing after I have checked a message.Is there a fix to get rid of that problem?

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          What type of message? Text, email, third-party messaging app, voicemail, etc?

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            most of the time it is the text message notifications. Every once in awhile the phone button will have one as well.So annoying!!!! Does anyone know how to remove it. I know how to get rid of it for a short time after reading,but when i get another text and read it it reappears.

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              Swipe down from top to bottom... That will pull down the notification center... There is a "clear" button to clear all notifications, otherwise you can swipe from one side to the other to clear them...


              As far as the badge on the phone icon, open the phone app, and then click recent... That will show you the missed call (most likely that's what the notification is for) and clear the badge...


              Hope that helps...

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                Thank you but the top notification was not what I was talking about.I would even delete my messages and push the clear button and a number would still show on the mail icon or the phone button. The only way I could clear it was to long hold the menu button and go to task manager and clear ram only for it to return the next message I got. However for some reason the past two days I have not had an issue so I am happy! Thanks again for trying to help.